The Mommyheads Genius Killer conjures up a voice!

The Mommyheads Genius Killer conjures up a voice!

Today we heard Genius Killer for the first time thanks to WICB, one of the nation’s best College Radio stations, still making news and great musical programs daily. WICB 91.7 Ithaca College, “the Station for Innovation,” for introducing us to the Mommyheads Genius Killer track. The Genius killer tracks build with orchestral momentum, synchronous guitar lines, and melodic vocals. A great lyric, tight arrangement, songs, and, most significantly, lead vocalist Adam Cohen AKA Adam Elk. Which late 70’s early 80’s singer-songwriter does Adam sound to conjure up?

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777 views Jan 21, 2023

In this deeply meditative non-dual experience, Rupert shows us how to let go of the experience and its boundaries. As we disentangle ourselves from the content of experience, our true, unlimited self is revealed.

As we rest in our being of pure awareness, our being is divested of limitations, and its nature of peace is revealed. In time, we feel that the being that we are essentially is the same being that everyone and everything is. We see that the boundary we had made up between ourselves and all people, animals, and things was merely a boundary made up of thought.


Timestamps 01:18 How to Know Yourself 01:54 Let Your Experience Come and Go 02:58 What is Suffering? 06:14 Losing Ourselves in Experience 09:30 Being In the Presence of Awareness 12:00 Losing The Agitation of Experience 13:03 Losing Our Limitations 15:03 Understanding Reality 18:00 The True Meaning of Non-Duality

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