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What is Flow?

Flow is one of eight mental states that can happen during the learning process which Csíkszentmihályi outlines in his flow theory. … Flow is the most optimal of these states for learning, as it is where skill level and challenge level of a task are at their highest.

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One City Center

One City Center






United House of Prayer For All People Brass Band 




Learn data skills for Public Health with Imperial College London


About this Specialization

Statistics are everywhere. The probability it will rain today. Trends over time in unemployment rates. The odds that India will win the next cricket world cup. In sports like football, they started out as a bit of fun but have grown into big business. Statistical analysis also has a key role in medicine, not least in the broad and core discipline of public health.

In this specialization, you’ll take a peek at what medical research is and how – and indeed why – you turn a vague notion into a scientifically testable hypothesis. You’ll learn about key statistical concepts like sampling, uncertainty, variation, missing values and distributions. Then you’ll get your hands dirty with analyzing data sets covering some big public health challenges – fruit and vegetable consumption and cancer, risk factors for diabetes, and predictors of death following heart failure hospitalization – using R, one of the most widely used and versatile free software packages around.

Learn data skills for Public Health with Imperial College London, a top-10 world university known for excellence in science, engineering, & medicine.