You might enjoy this Zen story:

Many pupils were studying meditation under the Zen master Sengai. One of them used to arise at night, climb over the temple wall, and go to town on a pleasure jaunt.

Sengai, inspecting the dormitory quarters, found this pupil missing one night and also discovered the high stool he had used to scale the wall. Sengai removed the stool and stood there in its place.

When the wanderer returned, not knowing that Sengai was the stool, he put his feet on the master’s head and jumped down into the grounds. Discovering what he had done, he was aghast.

Sengai said: “It is very chilly in the early morning. Do be careful not to catch cold yourself.”

The pupil never went out at night again.

Enjoying the changes in your Bull City?   Increase in home prices helping you sell your house at a higher price while also driving up the costs of home ownership?    Has our city changed in positive ways?  YES!   What about Durham’s history and our current struggle with affordable housing?  A common story throughout our great country? Learning about Durham’s rich historical past may help us frame perspective for our shared future?   Read about Durham’s Hayti history by clicking the book above this text.


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