My apple purchase timing is notoriously awful. No Kreskin here as evidenced by my purchase of the PowerMac 7200 just months before the release of the new line of iMacs.

The new M1 Chip now inside both the Apple Air and MacBook Pro laptops, replacing the old Intel processor chip architecture is a game-changer for Apple and consumers. The increased processing capability and overall efficiency are touted all over Youtube and in the included PC Mag video. What this means for the consumer is now we must consider whether the price difference between the similar hardware Air vs. MacBook Pro makes the cost difference justified to push purchase on the Pro. Another important consideration is the lack of a fan within the Air hardware architecture while the Pro includes fan cooling. Battery life with the new more processing efficiency of the M1 is ridiculously great on both with a slight edge to the MacBook Pro with fan.
Anyone considering the purchase of the new M1 chipped Air and or MacBook pro will have to contend with the software incapabilities with commonly used programs like Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere etc). Cisco VPN also doesn’t work with M1 and Big Sur operating systems at this time. Give the industry a little time to catch up with the 10,000 LB gorilla that is Apple and we should expect all to work out compatibility issues by mid-2021. For now, creatives who process significant video content may need the MacBook Pro’s increased operating efficiency and ability to hold the load (see fan cooling) the rest of us can now save money but not sacrifice as much performance with the new M1 Air laptop.

Remember these M1 macs are first-generation M1 Silica. Neither laptop includes a new 1080P facetime camera, rather the old 720P remains.

The base model desktop, mac mini may be the sleeper’s best desktop value/performance for 2020/21.


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M1 MacBook Pro 13 One Month Later! The SAFEST M1 Mac?!

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It’s been a wild month since the MacBook Pro 13 was released. It might not be the sleekest or the shiniest of the newest M1 Mac’s but when it comes down to usability this is probably the safest of all the options.