Master Statistics for Public Health and Learn R. Develop your statistical thinking skills and learn key data analysis methods through R


Statistical Analysis with R for Public Health

Statistics are everywhere. The probability will rain today. Trends over time in unemployment rates. The odds that India will win the next cricket world cup. In sports like football, started out as a bit of fun but have grown into a big business. Statistical analysis also has a key role in medicine, not least in the broad and core discipline of public health.


Recognize the key components of statistical thinking in order to defend the critical role of statistics in modern public health research and practice

Describe a given data set from scratch using descriptive statistics and graphical methods as the first step for more advanced analysis using R software

Apply appropriate methods in order to formulate and examine statistical associations between variables within a data set in R

Interpret the output from your analysis and appraise the role of chance and bias as explanations for your results



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Mathematics for Machine Learning from Imperial College London’s MSc in Machine Learning



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