“A good carpenter is hard to find” has never been more true than Right now. We are in a boon of new construction and growth. So many contractors in our area are excellent craftsman but consider the number of “skilled” carpenters in our area? Do we have a paucity of truly skilled carpenters? I know we have a surplus of handyman who offer excellent hourly rates. Do they reside in the city or county of Durham? Does it matter? Perhaps not.

What matters most is how do they work? Are they in to make a quick buck or do they care about the community where they work?

David Dollar has been working on homes inside and out in our area for over 40 years. He resides in the same home he purchased over 40 years ago on Mossdale Avenue Durham. Below are a few photos that illustrate the kind of work David Dollar is working on today on a home on West Murray Avenue.

Carpenters, while  working on the exterior trim of a home, uncover rot beneath the trim board (on the underlying plywood). Most will remove the rotten wood beneath the trim. Some, to save time, will slap a new piece of trim over the rotted plywood beneath. David lives in Durham. You will likely see him at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. He relies on word of mouth referrals. Watch David remove the rotten wood and replace with new before completing this critical job for your home.





1217 Trim photo

David Dollar 2

Best Carpenter: David Dollar Carpentry: I can attest to the qual­ity of his work. Our family uti­lized his ser­vice for 4 win­dows, 2 door instal­la­tions, sid­ing replacement, sofet repair and replace­ment, cab­i­net shelves, bed frame repair, ceil­ing repair, exhaust fan instal­la­tion. Please call David as our list just scratches the sur­face of all that he can do for you. 919-602-8588

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