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The Coolness of Durham

I moved to Durham in 1995 and began working in an office of the CCB tower in July of 1996. Downtown in 1996 was not what it is today. Employees working downtown at this time did not have too many lunch restaurant choices. Today we have so many great options from which to choose, running the gamut from tapas, Cuban, toasted gourmet sandwiches, clay oven pizzas, burgers, to fried chicken and waffles!

I created this site to celebrate all the cool things we love about Durham. Many of us chose Durham well before the national media touted its virtues. Durham Cool is for everyone who wants to learn more about this great city. This list will change over time and is anything but comprehensive. I know what I like and don’t purport to be the purveyor of cool in Durham NC. Please make suggestions and comment freely. There are many Durham fans who have a stronger claim on what’s cool than this author. I welcome your suggestions.