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Anita Baker – Body And Soul (Official Music Video)

Body and Soul is a vocal masterclass performance sung by the Queen, Anita Baker (see unrivaled) see beautiful tone.  Body and Soul, a song by Anita Baker takes you to Church, the Kingdom within, your true heart center, and the passionate love of romance anew!  Listen to this several times to allow the washing over and within.  This occurs with any song sung by a true master with heartfelt sincerity.   Anita Baker deserves your full attention so put down any and all distractions.  This is not a song to clean the house by rather a song to wash your internal love house clean.



Today, as Anita Baker retires, she continues to regain legal rights to her original masters (similar to the Artist known as Prince).

Baker has joined a laundry list of artists who feel that they are not receiving a fair share of the revenue from streaming services entering long-drawn-out fights label executives. 

Most notable was the very public, contentious fight between industry giants and Prince for rights over his masters. The late artist took down his music from all streaming services and had his fanbase boycott his own music. 

While streaming services rake in millions of dollars, Baker claims that she is getting the bargain’s short end. 

Baker broke down streaming services rates calling the giants “thieves in the temple” who use her name and likeness for advertising.

Anita Baker


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Anita Baker

Vocal Type: Contralto
Vocal Range:3 Octaves C#3-C#6
Whistle Register: No

Vocal Pluses: A unique voice with an identifiable character that runs through the range and the registers. The voice, as a whole, is smooth, warm, and mature, and Anita Baker wields it with exceptional skill: being incredibly natural with her delivery while also effortlessly technical. Though capable of great vocal talent [ Hear the ending of Body And Soul ], it’s not something that she is prone to showing off, instead relying on her expressive voice, her mastery over dynamics, and the melody of her material to impress.

Despite hitting, on record, a low that isn’t exceptionally so- when compared to other Divas- Anita Baker’s voice has all the qualities of a contralto. The voice is weighty, dark, and at ease in the lower extremes- something others who can hit lower can’t always claim. It also has a slight rasp that rounds out the tone, creating trademark smoothness.

As well as being easy for Anita Baker to pitch low notes, she is just as capable at the top of her range: belt an incredible fifth octave Bb[Hear: No More Tears]. Of course, within the fifth octave, the voice begins to lose some of its weight- increasingly so from about an E5- but even then, though the tone becomes thinner, as it is mixed, it retains many of its identifiable qualities.

As mentioned, Anita Baker’s voice has a consistent sound throughout, but it is surprising that it extends right up into the head voice. So whereas many Divas produce a head voice tone that sounds uncharacteristic of their lower range, Anita Baker produces rich, buttery notes that are just as identifiable and relatable to her modal range. Effectively, this gives the illusion of no break or disconnect in the voice, adding to the overall effortless quality of it **

** Diva Devotee



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Body and Soul – Anita Baker (EMI Publishing)


Video is the property of EMI Publishing. I do not claim this video as being mines but merely posting this as a fan of Anita Baker. Copyright EMI Publishing 1995. Song belongs to Arista Records.

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