Why even Vegetarians should watch and listen to Anthony Bourdain

Enjoying food is 80% community and 20% presentation and cuisine quality.  Anthony Bourdain demonstrated this each day with his writing and television shows centered around the essence of the place he and his crew were visiting on each episode.  It was more than an anthropologic adventure, as Mr. Bourdain immersed himself fully in each new culinary eating exercise.   The conversation was king and no one was better at winning the trust (through his own authenticity and street cred) than Anthony Bourdain.   I am a vegetarian and still love watching Anthony Bourdain.  His energy and narrative were inviting, acerbic at times, but always curious.  It was the food but always so much more than the food!  It was clearly about the people and their shared humanity he obviously enjoyed.

Now the last episode of Parts Unkown is available on Youtube we bring this RIP tribute article to Anthony Bourdain alive again.

Here is the Bhutan episode we have waited to watch:

We miss you very much Anthony Bourdain.  Lucky for us you left such a treasure trove of documented joy for us to enjoy!

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