You wake up one day and realize you have reached 50 years on this planet. This is the day you truly wake to the morning with “realization”. Awake. What a luxury! Alive, at last. Time to walk out into the yard, robe on, barefoot into the wet grass. Alive, at last. Look at the golden orb rising in the pinkest pale blue sky; wisps of young clouds parting? How about those weeds peeping in the driveway pebble, ripe blueberry size bubbles of morning dew, resplendent as diamonds. First light. Morning. Dawn.

So happy, right now I neglected to Roundup or pull them up when they first appeared. So happy, Right NOW!

Now, now, now!

You think, “when we farmed this land we saw this every day, now I wake to a full mind of stressful thoughts, plotting, and planning. When we farmed the land we watched the sunrise and set each day. When we farmed we worked from sun-up to sundown and slept deeply in the full sleep of justness”.

Wait, you remember, I was never a farmer, I don’t know any farmers, my parents worked on Wall Street. But again the thought comes up, “when we were farmers…

“When we farmed it was now to the weather and now to the sun. It was now for the rain and now to the earth”.

When we farmed every meal was a reverie.

Breakfast we ate in shared silence, lunch a boisterous recount of the escapades in the field, dinner a grateful repast. When we farmed meals were gifted in the present moment, demarcations to mark the labor schedule. The food was from the field and from the stock.

Now, this is the morning and I am awake. Now, I am awake early this morning and this new light of dawn.

Now, blissfully aware, I am awake. Not a farmer, broker, decedent, father, son. Awake. Fully connected with everything and basking in the early morning light of this sun.