Facts about Bats

Facts About Bats For Kids 6-8 Incredible Full-Size Pictures and Amazing Animal Facts (Clouducated Blue Series Nonfiction) Cindy Bowdoin View More by This Author This book can be downloaded and read in Apple Books on your Mac or iOS device. Description Meet The Masters Of Echolocation! Facts About Bats For Kids is an engaging bat facts book for kids age 6-8 Learn all there is to know about bats. Explore the fascinating world of these creatures of the night! Children’s book author and educator, Cindy Bowdoin, presents Facts About Bats For Kids. Discover the world of bats and see them up close with high-quality pictures optimized for the iPad. In Facts About Bats For Kids you will learn about: Where Bats Live What Bats Eat How Bats Sleep How Bats Hibernate How Bats Hunt How Bats Use Echolocation What Eats Bats Megabats Microbats And More