The early sign was the long queue of cars coming from Whole Foods North down Broad Street.  Next, the congested lot at Amazon market.    Inside, the express lines of prepared foods and customer service were snaking round and tempers, at 4:40PM, were resigned but positive.  North Point Kroger is closed, except the HT pharmacy, so the congestion does not stretch to North Point.     A NOAA Category 4 escalation was enough to trigger memories of past Hurricanes in the 3’s and 4’s that wreaked havoc on our Elms, Oaks and power lines along Broad and throughout our tree lined city.  Monday was a good day to shop before the true madness with a storm projected to hit our coast Thursday/Friday. What to buy or where to take cover?   How anxiety provoking and at the same time unifying in purpose. “You pick up the emergency generator, batteries and extra candles and I will grab the necessary munchies/and essential groceries”.  Perhaps this might be a good time to knock on your neighbor’s door, introduce yourself and familiarize as to where the older and solitary citizens live. When the storm hits, after ensuring you and yours are safe, a good time to watch back to back West Wing episodes or a great BBC drama.   In the meantime, Patty Griffin’s has your Hurricane and forgiveness song at the ready below.