Bill Buford and His Sons Make Salad Niçoise | The New Yorker

With his twin sons on hand, Bill Buford explains the steps to a successful salad Niçoise.

Patience and a good cringe may get you through the opening scenes where the Director, son Frederick, appears in pajamas and bathrobe to add “humor” to the proceedings. Remember these moments are fleeting and soon shall pass in favor of the sublimely intelligent, Papa Bear, Bill Buford. Bill Buford is who we want on camera all the time, but like anything, in life, the sacred is best noticed alongside the profane. Overindulged children is the issue.  A little is ok but a lot is…. too much.

The Vegetable Dish That Will Transport You to France | The New Yorker


Bill Buford and his sons explain how to make ratatouille, an iconic Provençal comfort food.

The Buford family uses French culinary methods to reënergize American holiday staples.

Bill Buford and His Sons Cook Thanksgiving Dinner with a French Twist | The New Yorker

In 2008, acclaimed writer Bill Buford left his job and moved to Lyon with his family to learn how to be a French cook. He planned to stay for six months. He was there for five years. He describes the top kitchens where he worked, and what the so-called “gastronomic capital of the world” taught him about the Frenchness of French food.

Bill Buford is a James Beard winner and former literary and fiction editor of the New Yorker. His best-selling book Dirt: Adventures in Lyon as a Chef in Training, Father, and Sleuth Looking for the Secret of French Cooking, was published earlier this month. He’s also the author of Among the Thugs and Heat, and the founding editor of Granta magazine.

Bill Buford and Sons