Bobby Timmons – Chun King – JAZZ 60’s

Tracklist: A1 Chun-Kin (Keter Betts) A2 Walkin Death 6:37 A3 O Grand Amour (De Moraes & Jobim) 12:44 B1 Gettin’ It Together’ 19:41 B2 I Could Have Danced All Night (Lerner & Loewe) 26:31 B3 Someone to Watch over Me (G. & I. Gershwin) 32:54
Bobby Timmons (p) Keter Betts (b) Albert ‘Tootie’ Heath (dr)

1964 Recorded: August 12, 1964

Bobby Timmons Autumn Leaves

Bobby Timmons – Chun King – JAZZ 60’s

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What do you know about Bobby Timmons?  Why should you know something about this Iconic musician?  Why does Bobby Timmons not share the historical Jazz acclaim with all the other icons?  Do we celebrate Jazz as a uniquely American music creative expression?  When will the questions end?  Now. Perhaps you know little about this excellent musician due to his youthful age passing (see the NY Times obit below) If this is your introduction, don’t be ashamed.  Great music must be discovered, uncovered-heard with beginner’s ears each time you listen.    Chun-Kin is a great place to start. It was my starting point and you can’t go wrong with this tight trio.  How about Keter Bett’s bass lines, Tootie’s brushwork, and Timmon’s piano mastery on the opening track, Chun-Kin?  Come on, now!

This album is a must-have-a rare find, limited printing, impossible to find for less than a mortgage payment with escrow.  Think how well the Chun-Kin on the virtual tune table (open up the Music section of Durham Cool and hit play, your first post-COVID-19 gathering? Still maintaining requisite safe 6 ft distance from your dancing partner-Dancing cheek to expansive air between us.

Prestige 1964
Recorded: August 12, 1964

A1 Chun-Kin (Keter Betts)
A2 Walking Death 6:37
A3 O Grand Amour (De Moraes & Jobim) 12:44
B1 Gettin’ It Togetha’ 19:41
B2 I Could Have Danced All Night (Lerner & Loewe) 26:31
B3 Someone to Watch over Me (G. & I. Gershwin) 32:54

Bobby Timmons (p)
Keter Betts (b)
Albert ‘Tootie’ Heath (Dr)




“Bobby Timmons, a jazz pianist, vibraharpist and composer, died yesterday in St. Vincent’s hospital. He was 38 years old.

Mr. Timmons started studying music at 6 and began his career with Kenny Dorham’s Jazz Prophets in 1956. He played over the years with Chet Baker, Sonny Stitt, Maynard Ferguson, Art Blakey, Cannonball Adderley, and J. J. Johnson.

In the early nineteen‐sixties, he had his own trio and often appeared here and in Washington.

He wrote “Moanin” and “Dat Dere,” among other compositions.

He appeared as one of a quartet of jazz pianists in a program at Judson Hall in 1970, when, according to John S. Wilson, jazz critic of The New York Times, Mr. Timmons gave “a fine, thumping display of righthand figures that sounded for all the world like Fats Waller looming down the straightaway.” (1)

(1) Bobby Timmons, 38, Jazz Pianist, Dead.

Bobby Timmons and Philly Joe Jones
Bobby Timmons Trio featuring Sam Jones and Jimmy Cobb Album cover

Bobby Timmons The Prestige Trio Sessions


Tracks: 01 A Little Barefoot Soul 00:00 02 Walkin’ Wadin’ Sittin’ Ridin’ 05:08 03 Little One 13:02 04 Cut Me Loose, Charlie 16:58 05 Ain’t Thinkin’ ‘Bout It 21:48 06 Nobody Knows Trouble I’ve Seen 30:40 07 Chun-King 33:07 08 Walking Death 39:44 09 Grande Amor 45:53 10 Gettin’ It Togetha’ 52:48 11 I Could Have Danced All Night 59:39 12 Someone To Watch Over Me 01:06:02

Personnel: Bobby Timmons – Piano Sam Jones – Bass ( Tracks 1-6 ) Keter Betts – Bass ( Tracks 7-12 ) Ray Lucas – Drums ( Tracks 1-6 ) Albert Heath – Drums ( Tracks 7-12 )


Tracklist generated by 0:00:000:07:45 Chicken And Dumplin’s 0:07:450:22:00 The Return Of Genghis Kahn 0:22:000:26:25 The Telephone Song 0:26:250:32:40 Sunday Kind Of Love 0:32:400:41:18 Ray’s Idea

Bobby Timmons – A Little Barefoot Soul


“A Alma Descalça” A descoberta, A Little Barefoot Soul, é o álbum do pianista de jazz americano Bobby Timmons gravado em 1964 e lançado pelo selo Prestige, em junho de 1967 . Tracklist: A1 A Little Barefoot Soul A2 Walkin’, Wadin’, Sittin’, Ridin’ 5:06 A3 Little One 13:00 B1 Cut Me Loose, Charlie 16:55 B2 Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout It 21:43 B3 Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen (trad) 30:35, Bobby Timmons