Party of One

 The official video for Brandi Carlile – Party Of One (feat. Sam Smith) – available now.

A portion of the profits from this recording will be donated to Children in Conflict via Brandi Carlile’s Looking Out

Foundation as part of its ongoing campaign to raise $1 million for children impacted by war. more information can be found at &

 We decided to bring this article front and center once again, prompted by this kind Youtube share of Brandi Carlile Austin City Limits performance.  If you have not listened to Brandi yet, watch this November 2018 Austin City Limits performance, not least for the passionate delivery of the Joke, but for the entirety of this Brandi Carlile live experience.  We promise you will not regret this quality investment of your precious idle time. 


Brandi Carlile (Austin City Limits 2018 (HD)

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Brandi Live Full set in Boston