Google maps

Yesterday I switched the Google Maps voice from English-US to English-UK and today was the first trial with the new UK female voice.   Mind you, I was travelling on a somewhat tried and true route but wanted to see how my new British friend would guide me.   Thanks to Alexa Auto I was listening to the incredible track, One Tree Hill by U2 from not to be overlooked , Joshua Tree recording, when the sultry sexy British AI voice came thru with “turn left on the slip”!  I was smitten from the first nav guidance of “slip”. The UK term, slip vs U.S. on ramp. You decide which is preferable. The “slip” term emanating from a sultry sexy female British voice trumps “on ramp” everyday to my anglophile ear.   Missing was the indentifier name for the accelleration lane nor the freeway we were entering, rather just a crisply curt  Brit quip turn left on the slip.    Loved it! It did not hurt I was hummed up on two cups of coffee, a Brew Doctor Uplift Kombucha replete with Yerba Mate and Guayusa, with the perfect Irish crooner voice in the background.   This impromptu experiment was conducted on a Motorola Android device with an updated version of Google Maps, February 2020.