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Kurama Kool

Kurama; How many times have we uttered this / met there / threw down quick or celebrated long? This place is a gem and still somewhat of a small, best kept secret. Known for sure by foodies, local chefs and most certainly by the Japanese community…this hibachi joint on 15-501 business in Durham on the service road across from Target is a favorite of mine and many others.

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Vegan Flava Cafe Review

This past Sunday, my family visited Vegan Flava Cafe on Guess Road. Some of you may remember the former location of Vegan Flava Cafe on Chapel Hill Blvd, near intersection of Westgate Drive. The blessed Durhammites who enjoyed the Vegan entrees prepared by Vegan chef, Yah-i, while he worked at the Durham Coop on Thursday evenings know first hand how delicious Vegan cuisine can be when prepared by an inspired chef.

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