Chanting this Saturday Eve, Danielle and Jon & K. Sridhar returns to Carrboro in May

Experience the Love within Chanting with Jon Seskevich & Danielle Koppel Let the power of sound, vibrations and love release you from your worldly concerns and physical discomforts. No singing, chanting, or musical ability needed! Chanting, a form of repetitive song, is part of many cultural and spiritual traditions. This is a heart-opening yoga practice. In Universal Chanting we use chants from several traditions, finding that each contains a transformative power and healing energy. Through our voices, we join a stream of consciousness, emotion, and devotion that have been flowing for centuries, sharing the joy of making inspirational music together. Several musicians will be joining Jon, among them amazing Kirtan singer, Danielle Koppel. Donation Basis, registration required. Click here or contact below. JON SESKEVICH, RN, BSN, BA, CHTP, plays the harmonium and has extensive experience with leading devotional chanting in the community. For chanting, Jon draws inspiration originally from Ram Dass’ “From Bindu to Ojas” record album, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Robert Gass. He has released 4 CDs, including his newest: Chanting is Universal! Listen to clips here. Contact Us Wholistic Health Studio 1000 Hackberry Lane, Durham, NC 27705 919.489.5355 Get directions from Google Maps \ **************************************************************** Three events with K. Sridhar in May in Carrboro, NC Opportunities to hear, learn from, and be blessed by the healing sound of this master of Nad Yoga. K. Sridhar is a descendent of fourteen generations of temple musicians fromTanjore in Southern India. At 12, Sridhar became the youngest member ever of Ravi Shankar’s orchestral group. Sridhar performs on the sarod, one of the world’s most complex and difficult instruments to master — capable of expressing all of the human experience. His lifelong dedication to classical Indian music has flowered into a rare ability to bring the music and the audience into an awe inspiring unity. It’s a special opportunity right here in the Triangle. 1. An evening concert on Sat, May 19, at the Heart of Yoga School in Carrboro in honor of it’s sunset year. Email: for more info or visit website. 2. A “Pranayama and Sound” workshop with the focus on naadaprana yoga (breathing exercises that steady the breath and calm the mind). Time: Sat, May 5, 2-5pm Place: Heart of Yoga School, 209 Lloyd Street, Carrboro 3. A “Traditional Harmonium Weekend Emmersion” which will cover the basics of the traditional Indian approach including their scale and finger techniques. Time: Sat, May 19, 1:30-4:30pm and/or Sun, May 20, 1:30-4:30pm Place: Heart of Yoga School, 229 Lloyd Street, Carrboro More details are available on the Heart of Yoga School website, **************************************** All my best wishes to you all and much love, Jon Seskevich Jon’s stress management website; promoting greater quality of life & improved physical functioning. Programs, chanting, cds, books and more. A cool east-west musical fusion album, combining sacred phrases, and old-time NC fiddle and banjo tunes. An audio-visual history of the classic book Be Here Now by Ram Dass & the Lama Foundation.