Ann Esckilsen


One of the most challenging aspect of the CO-VID 19 epidemic is that it causes us to feel even more uncertain about the present. You are facing the fact that you  can not control even the simplest facts concerning your life.  You have to abide by restrictive instructions for your protection. Limits have been put on workplaces, entertainment options, and even the distance one should place between yourself and another. No one knows how long this crisis will last. One could argue that this is not such a novel concept, as we are each confronted by the inevitability of unknown tragedy or death every day. We are better at remaining in denial or ignoring illness and death, rather than accepting them as fact. Accepting this uncertainty allows us the freedom to fill our time with positive actions aware now what is critical to living joyfully  with a kind heart.

Perhaps, then, this is the time to practice and embrace radical acceptance, and have a greater appreciation for the beauty within the darkness. By this, I mean, that we may have more time with family. You can slow down and put those closest as your daily priority, building new memories around the dinner table. Bring back a ritual of eating dinner together, laughing, telling stories, and bonding. Take a walk with an aging parent, inhale, exhale, know that we are breathing while noticing the first crocus pushing through the dirt. For me, it also reestablished the idea in my mind, of how a simple smile, compliment, or exchange between strangers can be so heartwarming and even change my attitude for the day. We are social creatures and we need one another. Just when I thought social media, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat had replaced the need for face to face interaction, now I know there is nothing better than a hug or an authentic conversation over dinner.


One of the unexpected delights (see personal pleasure) created by this horrific pandemic is the on-screen banter between Chris (CNN) and Andrew (The Gov. of NY) Cuomo. Most know Chris Cuomo contracted COVID-19 and is isolated in the basement of his home.   Humor sustains us through difficult times. Consider the importance of humor when dealing with a difficult situation. The brothers Cuomo, sons of the great Governor, Mario Cuomo have what all healthy brothers cultivate through family living, mutual respect exhibited as rivalry to the outside world.    We include this video for you viewing pleasure and to remind all the importance of humor, family and healthy humility.



Chris Cuomo jokes with his governor brother: You’re single and ready to mingle



Gov. Cuomo Shows Love To His Mom On Mother’s Day


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Gov. Cuomo gives a shoutout to his mom on Mother’s Day.