David Terry’s drawings and paintings range from evocative landscapes and portraits to intricate, multi-image montages. In addition to Terry’s work in Fine Art, he illustrates regularly for a number of national magazines and newspapers. Since 1997, he has completed 26 published bookcovers, many advertising pieces, and numerous privately commissioned works. All of the work is done on paper. Tinting/painting is done with watercolor, pastel pencils, oil pencils, and inks.

While Terry’s rural eastern Tennessee roots are obvious in the nature imagery and Southern iconography that permeate his work, his grounding in Literature is perhaps even more apparent—he holds an undergraduate degree in English from the University of the South and graduate degrees in Literature from both Middlebury (the Bread Loaf School of English), and Duke, with additional graduate studies at Oxford and the University of Virginia.

David Terry first gained attention at the 1994 New Art exhibition at Duke University. Subsequently (not to mention surprisedly), he won an Emerging Artist Grant in 1996, and (since that time) has held many one-man shows in various commercial galleries, and otherwise beat a very hot track out of the teaching profession…..and, yes, he is highly aware (ten years after this website was established, and the previous comments written) that it’s more than just-slightly creepy to introduce yourself in the third-person. I also realize that saying you work for newspapers has, in the past ten years, become all too much like saying you repair carriage wheels or moonlight in a whale-oil factory.


Visit David Terry’s Art website or Facebook page for additional information and updated offerings.

Good Art: Drawn Right & Sold At Popular Prices. I should begin by emphasizing that not everything on this page is “Available” (much/most of my work is commissioned), and I should admit that not all of the works are even particularly “Current” (for better or worse, I don’t spend a lot of my days updating this dang thing). All of the following are works-on-paper. All are drawn with pen&ink or (when they’re not) painted with watercolors, pastel pencils, and oil pencils. The sizes are about as accurate as you can expect from someone whose last math class was sometime before the first Reagan Administration. Just for the record?….prices range between 300$ and 4000$, as a wildly general and arbitrarily-enforced rule. The final fact is that it’s easier for everyone-involved if you just telephone or email me to inquire about a picture. Simply hit the “contact the artist” icon…which is somewhere to everyone’s left. In most cases, I can cough up a fairly accurate guess as to where the picture actually is. Potential clients can do themselves a favor by bearing in mind that I’m always a complete sucker for a good sob story. Just recall that it has to be a good one. If you’re interested in buying one of the pieces, high resolution jpegs are available. We regret to say that chocolates, contraband nylons, and “Don’t Blame Me…I voted for McCain” buttons are no longer accepted as alternative payments. Those pieces already being handled by a particular gallery are (for the most part and somewhat reliably) marked as such; by clicking on the gallery’s name, you may contact the galleries regarding availability, price, etc.) . Almost all of the pictures are framed by the galleries, but I do sell them out of the frames if asked to do so.

Here a a few of my favorites from the current collection:

This is perhaps my favorite dog painting from the past five or so years, which is saying rather a lot, since there've been more than a lot of commissioned dog paintings

This is perhaps my favorite dog painting from the past five or so years, which is saying rather a lot, since there’ve been more than a lot of commissioned dog paintings







Imanis smile

Leans in toward the Light

Dans Le Nord Pinus

Myn Lyking (Portrait of Sharon Wheeler and grandchildren).

These Moments

“Bessie Mbdugah and Child”

Bettie Davis Eyes

One Fine Day

I Shall find some Peace Here