Who is Dirtwire? I first heard this incredible assemblage of World musicians, dressed hat to toe in CA. caballero black cowboy coolness, when they backed Trevor Hall on the track, Strength in One. 

So many YouTube Dirtwire concert and YouTube fans muse why their popularity has not soared yet. My theory is that Dirtwire is such an incredible live performance not easily replicated in the studio. The visual appeal of this band is both a blessing and a curse to their success. Those, like me, recently converted to the virtues of this awesome live band, be sure to like their videos on YouTube and purchase the Apple Music, I tunes songs available on Durham Cool. Let’s see if we can get the videos, featured in this article to 1MM views by end of September.


Those interested to know more about Dirtwire, here is the bio page

A perfect showcase and audience for Dirtwire introduction on Durham Cool is this YouTube uploaded Asheville concert.