Ignorance might be bliss but only for a short time. Imagine the positive impact a greater general knowledge of the natural world might have with our National climate change discussion? How might this increased awareness influence our decisions about finite resources and fragile eco-systems? Right now our planet is at a critical juncture. It is past time overdue to seek out verifiable, scientifically supported, factual information about our current climate crisis. This is not an issue we can leave in the exclusive domain of career corporate politicians.

Many families have real life events going on that are not FB friendly. So many of us are living lives out of balance with nature. Indigenous leaders have cautioned that living out of balance with the natural world is the main culprit for many of our problems. Please watch this video below with your family as it may restore your innocence and faith in Nature’s harmony and intrinsic plan.

I dedicate this post to Brother Johnny. May Johnny watch this video with his students at East Granby Middle school, CT.

Do trees communicate? Watch this video to find out.

Posted by Stand on Thursday, December 10, 2015