Itsuroh Shimoda

Itsuro Shimoda
Born: May 12, 1948 (age 73 years), Miyazaki, Japan
Albums: Nakukamoshirenai, Sarigenai Yoru, Hitohira, MORE
Awards: Drama Desk Award for Most Promising Composer

Japanese singer-songwriter.  Was musical director and composer for the Tokyo Kid Brothers theatre troupe in their early years.

Let’s, for now, avoid the Wiki and begin with the “Why” this post on Itsuroh Shimoda on Durham Cool? Innovation, son. We promised to deliver on all things innovative. This retro track arrived via YouTube Algorithms. We were sonically smitten from the first track. In fact, the first track, “Everybody, Anyone” translated here by a Kind youtube commentator was played, in succession 4 times while we set the images and content layout for this Itsuro Shimoda article. Post Modern, opium infused, meditative, sad, poignant, beautiful.

A very wise comment on YouTube compared Itsuroh to Timothy Buckley. “a chance encounter with this stunning album. Thank you for posting – seems this is not available anywhere else! Great songs with exquisite vocal arrangements. To my ears occupies a similar place to Tim Buckley’s “Happy Sad”, Van Morrison circa ‘Veedon Fleece’, and Bonnie Prince Billy’s “The Letting Go” – timeless.” **


** Malcolm Duncan YouTube commentator.

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Itsuroh Shimoda – Everybody Anyone (1974)


Feat. Vicki Sue Robinson on backing vocals


.Minna daredemo dareka sagashite mite wa Daremo inai to naite iru no da keredo Anata honto wa anata mitsukete mitai Ai no kotoba wa anata jishin ni ukete Dareka ga kizuku, ima ni… Anata no Kokoro e (People are all looking for somebody, lamenting they have nobody But the person you need to find is you The words of love you want to hear, you should tell them to yourself And eventually somebody will start to care about you) Minna daredemo nanika sagashite mite wa Nanimo nai no to akiramete iru keredo Anata hontowa Anata mitsukete mitai Sagashi-tsuzukeru anata jishin o Shinji Soshite Sono Uchi kizuku, anata no ashita e (People are all looking for something, losing their hope as they find nothing But what you need to find is you Keep searching and be confident about your quest And eventually you will start seeing a future for you)



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Released in 1990 as a CD under “Tea Time Music Publishing”, the catalog number is “IS-001”.

1. タバコ 0:00
2. イビスは南へ (I GOT SUNRISE) 4:24
3. モンスターの気配 7:27
4. 舟沈んじゃった 11:39
5. サンデーモーニングブルース 14:59
6. チンチロリン 19:55
7. 不思議なドンキホーテ 23:47
8. ふたつの舟 (LIKE A CHILD) 28:19
9. 早く抱いて 33:28
10. 水の流れ 38:38

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Itsuroh Shimoda

Itsuro Shimoda – Go Home


from the 1973 album “Love Songs And Lamentations”

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[1973] Itsuroh Shimoda – Love Songs And Lamentations [Full Album]

00:00 01 – 飛べない鳥と飛ばない鳥 06:06 02 – あなたには 09:46 03 – みんな誰でも 13:35 04 – ふたつの舟 18:06 05 – 帰ろう 24:14 06 – All This Time 28:09 07 – I Cried 32:00 08 – Two Voices 36:08 09 – Like a Child 39:24 10 –

Moving On ////////////////////////////////////////Credits///////////////////////////////////////////// Arranged By [編曲] – Itsuroh Shimoda, Marci Sutin Bass – Masaoki Terakawa Congas, Bongos – Nobu Saito Drums – Takeshi Inomata Guitar – Itsuroh Shimoda Lead Guitar – Hiromi Yasuda Lyrics By – Itsuroh Shimoda (tracks: 1 to 5), Marci Sutin (tracks: 6 to 10) Music By [曲] – Itsuroh Shimoda Vocals – Alexander Easley, Itsuroh Shimoda, Vicki Sue Robinson

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Zen Rock Garden with concentric circles in sand made by rake by Kari Shea on Unsplash
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Itsuroh Shimoda — Silver Fish (1975 Kayokyoku Psych) FULL ALBUM


Best Track: ガラスの野原 (25:10) Side A プロローグ 輝やく人 0:00 センチメンタルロックンロール 4:14 劇場裏口 7:11 電話ボックス 9:15 夢のまんなか 11:22 逃げちゃいけない 16:30 Side B 銀の魚 21:08 ガラスの野原 25:10 ねえ踊ろう 28:10 夜と酒と女たち 31:25 夜の街 34:00 ひとりひとりの子守唄 39:34 エピローグ 朝・踊り子 42:45 Label: Polydor Records Format: Vinyl, 12″ LP Discogs:… (If you made this music and you’d like me to take this video down, please let me know.)


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FIRST TIME HEARING Itsuroh Shimoda – Everybody Anyone (1974) | Reaction


Mace Around The World

Here is my first time hearing Itsuroh Shimoda – Everybody Anyone (1974).


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