A former restaurant owner made me aware of a little known Durham Health Department double standard, dogs and any other companion animals are not permitted in establishments that prepare and sell food from a kitchen yet when food is procured from a food truck parked outside your establishment dogs are allowed to frolic and sit at your feet while you chow on savory pork buns from pork bunnies food truck. The application and enforcement of this health code may be less strictly defined and enforced (see below):

A simple rule may follow that wherever you see a food truck parked outside an establishment, ok to bring in your canine companion. But here is a list compiled by your canine loving Durham Cool team.


Wait, saving on overtime, we found a website already dedicated to this noble cause:

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Durham, NC

There are 77 pet-friendly restaurants in Durham, NC that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables. Need help deciding where to eat? Check out the listings below for a detailed description of each restaurant, along with pictures and reviews from other dog owners who’ve eaten there. Bone Appetit!

Bring Fido


The health code rules and reg. seem to have more to do with where one consumes the food rather than where it is prepared. Cool Media, LLC journalists did find a contradiction while observing patrons with dogs at their side consume food truck chow at interior tables at a Durham establishment.

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