Fever dreams that wake DT in the middle of the night with something like the DTs are ones featuring Tina Fey. Uber smart, articulate, faster witted than he, Tina Fey! They have YOU by the short hairs and you almost realize it’s your own fault. Better to sit back, hands tied behind your back, enjoy the humor than to scorn the well earned criticism. Please no more tweets at 3AM about Nuclear weapons. Beyond the pale where presidential temperament is concerned. This cannot be the NEW NORMAL for very long as it could very easily lead us all into Armageddon toots sweet.

Trump’s doctor, Dr. Strange, has yet to release any presidentially pertinent medical data and promises to after President Elect Trump releases his tax returns, sometime in 2025.

Warning from the new Surgeon General, Dr. Ligget-Myers : Content like this could short list you for Guantanamo.