When Dua Lipa was in primary school, she bombed an audition for the choir. “My voice is so low that sometimes when I try to do high notes, nothing but air comes out,” she says. That didn’t deter her from pursuing a music career: At age 15, she moved by herself to London (where she grew up) from Kosovo (where her family had relocated a few years earlier) to attend theater school. Now it’s her rich, smoky voice, which echoes Amy Winehouse’s, that’s become an asset on her debut album, due in June. Musically, the LP covers the tropical house, electro-funk, and acoustic R& B. But Lipa, 21, says the stories tie everything together: “I never want to seem weak in my songs. The second I start writing a sad song, I always change it to make it seem like I was more empowered.”