This Annual Report (also available online) will show you “by the numbers” how we impact the community together. We appreciate your help in bringing our exhibits to life. If you haven’t given this year, GIVE NOW and see your name listed next year!
Museum of Durham History 2015-16 Annual Report

In its third year of operation, the Museum of Durham History extended deep roots in Durham’s cultural landscape. The watchword for this innovative community museum continued to be growth — growth in visitors and growth in value.

Attendance increased by 60 percent, and we’re on track for another increase in the current year.

According to figures from the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau, our economic impact has grown to more than $1 million a year, almost quadrupling in less than three years. Visitor dollars ripple broadly radius through restaurants and retail.

Modest in size, the Museum extended its reach through strong exhibit and program partners such as The Hayti Heritage Center and the Durham County Library. With Bike Durham, we flooded the streets with TWO History Bike Rides, and with Audio Under the Stars on Valentine’s Day, we warmed hearts with Durham love stories.

We mounted FIVE exhibits in 2015-16, THREE curated by community members passionate about topics as diverse as trains, the Downtown Rotary Club and Durham’s first black physician, Dr. Aaron McDuffie Moore. Thousands learned the part Durham played in the Rise of Baseball Cards through a landmark partnership with The Durham Bulls.

Neighborhood-sponsored History Groves introduce individuals who’ve helped shape Durham’s personality and legacy. NINE groves were completed by last June, and SIX more will be dedicated this year. Learn about Lewis Austin, Mutt Evans, John Hope Franklin, George and Mary Pyne and others in parks and public spaces around town.

The Museum piloted Sunday afternoon hours in 2015-16, bringing more families to the Museum. Many exhibits found longer lives through placement off site after their initial run. You’ll find a bit of history now in the Durham County Human Services Building, the Trust Building (near the Durham Visitors Information Center) and the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

Durham is earning solid value from a Museum investment measured in both money and time. Grassroots private support accounted for 84 percent of revenue dollars through personal donations and sponsorships, making the Museum a truly community effort. The Museum recently launched Pioneer Giving Circles, a support opportunity spread over three years, as a way to build sustainable funding. TWENTY TWO have already signed Pioneer pledges, greatly strengthening the ability of the Museum to be proactive in its planning.
Read on to see how your contributions help keep our doors open and develop thoughtful new exhibits and exciting events. Don’t see your name listed? GIVE NOW to make sure you’re included on next year’s report!

What is driving the results of the Museum this year? During this fiscal year we shifted our fundraising focus from one-time sponsorships and donations to multi-year pledges. This approach will let the Museum plan better for our future, but in the short term, while we got the ball rolling, we had to reach into reserves. The one-time supplement is the difference you see between revenues and expenditures. Currently the Museum is replenishing its reserves, and thanks to the growing number of multi-year pledges, we are on track to deliver exciting new exhibitions for the community to enjoy.

A group of committed Pioneers are nurturing this young museum’s growth. Donors who make multi-year pledges and foundations and donor-advised funds who make multi-year grants are being permanently recognized for their role in sustaining our early development.

Bull City ($50,000+) Ruth & Victor Dzau • Dr. Thomas H. Krakauer Durham Renowned the World Around ($30,000-$49,999) Capitol Broadcasting Company • Duke Health City of Innovation ($15,000 – $29,000) Duke University • Erin & Todd Mosier • Benjamin F. Speller, Jr. PhD Durham’s Station ($7,500 – $14,999) Robert T. Gofourth • Shelly Green & Reyn Bowman • Jean & Charles Wilson A Roaring Old Place ($5,000 – $7,499) Jane & George Goodridge • Carlton E. Wilson • Suzanne & John Payne Up to $4,999 Barbara Barr & Jerry Gershenhorn • Nancy Bernstein & Terry Seelinger • MaryAnn E. Black • Robert Chapman • Ralph Frasier • Dennis Martinez • Leanora Minai • Steve Schewel & Lao Rubert • Lee Ann & Larry Tilley • Jim Wise • Nancy & Steve Channing • Dennis Martinez

2015 – 2016 Annual Giving

Between July 2015 and June 2016, over 200 donors contributed to support the Museum of Durham History’s operating and programming expenses.

$10,000 and Above CBC/WRAL Community Fund of Triangle Communication Foundation • City of Durham • Durham County • Dzau Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation • Kraukauer Family Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation • The Snyderman Fund $5,000 – $9,999 212 W Main LLC • Duke Energy Foundation • Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation • Fox Family Foundation • PepsiCo Foundation $2,500 – $4,999 Baseball America • Duncan Heron • Mosier Family Fund • William Harrington $1,000 – $2,499 Acme Plumbing & Heating • AMP Charitable Gift Fund • Blue Cross Blue Shield NC • Frasier & Griffin, PLLC • Latino Community Credit Union • Lewis H. Meyers • Mitchell Tuchman • North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company • Rachmuth Family • Robert D. Teer, Jr. • SunTrust Banks $500 – $999 Aaron Spaulding • Ann & William Kirkland • Beth El Synagogue • Danville Regional Foundation • Durham County Department of Public Health • Frank K & Carolyn H Borden Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation • Judith Snyderman • Lauren & Scott Spiegel • Lydia Lindsey • Marion & Wensell Grabarek • Rebecca B. Lee • Sandra & John Atkins • The Carolina Times • The Rosehill Charitable Fund • Tom Miller • Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association $150-$499 Backyard Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation • Banks Law Firm, PA • Cavett & Baker French • Charlie & Joy Dunlap • Claire & Allen Wilcox • Claire M. Doerschuk • David & Vivian Kraines • David Ball & Susan Pochapsky • Dr. Kimberly W. Moore • James Semans & Margaret Rich • James Stewart & Frances Dyer • Joseph H. and Barbara G. Collie Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation • Morgan Stanley • Renee Ann Weisner • Roxana and Edward Bossen • Sandy & Harvey Cohen • Sarah Russell • Scott Harmon • Tilley Family Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation • Tom Liebhold • Video Dialog Inc. • Watts-Hillandale Artwalk Up to $149 Albert Huey • Alecia Urmston • Andy Seto • Andy Stewart & Peggy Kinney • Ann Stuart & John Moore • Anna Jaffe • Anthony W. Reevy • Barb & Joe Spencer • Barbara & Peter Fish • Barbara MacKesson • Barbara Williams Ellertson • Barry Poss • Bathsheba Marcus • Bonny A. Mollenbrock & Michael I. Lowry • Carl Webb • Carol Anderson • Carol Sawyer & Thomas Hanchett • Carolyn & Brady Surles • Carolyn E. Henderson • Carolyn Grant • Castorino Telles de Souza • Cindy & Hank Gardiner • Connie J. White • Constance & James Welch • Cynthia Gurganus • Cynthia Wilson • Dale Gaddis • Daniel Ellison • Daniel Singer • David Dodson • David Walder • Diane Smith • Donna Dagavarian • Dorothy Borden • Dr. & Mrs. Yowell • Dr. Paul Luebke • Dr. Ray Gavins • Durham Library Foundation • Eddie Davis • Elizabeth Frasier • Elizabeth Kempter • Elizabeth Thompson • Ellen & Arturo Ciompi • Ellen Dagenhart • Emma Allott • Eric Pritchard • Erica Rapport Gringle • Erica Shirts • Ernest Dollar • Esther Cyna • Eugene Brown • Evelyn McCauley • Floyd & Peggy Hardy • Frances P. Rollins • Gale M. Glenn • Galia Goodman • Gita Schonfeld • Graceanne Sweeney • Greg Rigdon • Gretchen Engel • Hal Sandick • Harry F. Dawley • Haywood Holderness • Holly Tucker • Hongqiu Yang • Horst Meyer • Hortense K. McClinton • Hui Ying Li • IBM Matching Grants Program • James & Deborah Dobbins • Jason Lee • Jay Peters • Jean & Barrie Hurwitz • Jessica L. Long • Jihong Wu • Jim & Sara Craven • Jonathan Crisp • Jonathan Stocker • Jonathan Stuart-Moore • Joseph M. Colomer • Joseph T. Mitchell • Julia Borbely-Brown • Julie & Jody Maxwell • Jun Chen • Karin Shapiro & Ed Balleisen • Karl Gottschalk • Katharine Whitmore • Kathryn Demarco • Katie Spencer & Perry Wright • Katy & Tucker Bartlett • Larissa Parson • Laura Benedict • Laura Havrilesky • Laura Lindsey-Boltz • Lauren Dodson • Lavorne Pratt-Walker • Lena E. Dunston • Leona & Willis P. Whichard • Lijun Chen • Linda & Bill Wilson • Lindesay Harkness • Lindsey E. Smith • Lizzie & Sampson Harrell • Lucille Bearon • Lynn Richardson • Maidi Hall • Malcom White • Marcia Carpenter • Marian & Davis Martin • Mariana Byrd • Marilyn Telen & Henry Greene • Marjorie Freeman • Marjorie Strauss & Charles A. Flink • Mary Eileen Anderson • Mary Susan Sewell • MaryAnne Zabrycki • Melinda Killenberg • Michele Hayward • Milo Pyne • Mindy & Guy Solie • Miriam Tolbert • Morgan Haynes • Nancy Schiebel • Nancy Swisher • North Carolina Circle of King’s Daughters and Sons, Inc. • Pamela & Barry Cheregosha • Peng Sun • Penny & Jim Fleming • Phillip Smith • Polly & Tom Harris • R. Dennis Dickerson • Rachel Green • Raymond L. Eurquhart • Rekha Perumallu & Patrick Mucklow • Rhonda Klevansky • Richard N. Hill • Robert Healy & Katherine Edgar • Robert Schall & Susan Lupton • Rose T. Vaughan • Russ Comer • Ruth Bardon & Michael Casey • Ryan Catherman • Safran Law Offices • Saint Joseph A.M.E. Church • Sally Adkin • Sally K Fessler • Sangeeta Swamy • Sara Berghausen • Sarah Buthe • Sarah J. Deutsch • Sarah Paterson • Sharon Coor Barry • Shelli Lieberman • Shenghao Song • Shiela & Sam Miglarese • Steven Graham • Stuart Wells • Susan & Richard Ellman • Susan Bernacki • Susan Greenberg • Susan Havrilesky • Susan Orovitz • Suzanne Bolt • Sylvia Kerckhoff • Teme Levbarg • The Hodel Family • Timothy Gale • Tony & Amanda McCall • Treat Harvey & Regina deLacy • Vaguely Reminiscent • Virgie & Curtis Hopkins • Virginia & Gerald Wilson • Volker Blum • Walter E. Campbell III • Weni Chen • Wilbur P. Gulley & Charlotte Nelson • William Erwin • William P. Redmond • William T. Turner

Honorarium & Memorial Andy Seto, in honor of Helen Seto • Constance & James Welch, in memory of Aaron McDuffie Moore • Cynthia Gurganus, in honor of Joe & Pat Gurganus • Cynthia Wilson, in memory of Bill Wilson • Dr. Ray Gavins, in memory of Earlie E. Thorpe, Ph.D. • Duncan Heron, in memory of Becky Heron • Horst Meyer, in memory of Ruth Mary Meyer • Jean & Barrie Hurwitz, in honor of Ruth Dzau • Judith A. Snyderman, in honor of Ruth Dzau • Marcia Carpenter, in honor of Ruth Dzau • Marjorie Freeman, in honor of Lew Myers • MaryAnn E. Black, in honor of Ruth Dzau • Melinda Killenberg, in memory of Paul G. Killenberg, M.D. • Mindy & Guy Solie, in honor of Ruth Dzau • Morgan Haynes, in memory of Sybil Cashwell Strider • Robert Healy & Katherine Edgar, in memory of B.B. Olive • Roxana & Edward Bossen, in honor of Ruth Dzau • Russ Comer, in honor of John Dee Holeman • Ruth & Victor Dzau, in honor of Sandra and John Atkins • Sandy & Harvey Cohen, in honor of Ruth Dzau & MaryAnn Black • Sarah Russell, in honor of Samuel Russell

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