C4 Bio

The Concept

This auditory quest started over twenty years ago when life long Durham, NC friends in Rock (Hammer No More The Fingers) and Hip Hop (LiLa, Gappa Mighty) bands needed an outlet when they started exploring outside their respective genres into a charcuterie board of bombastic dance, pop, and electronic tunes.

The Skinny

Over the years, the dug-up demos, remixes, instrumentals, re-visited, re-loved and original works continued to trickle in and get stowed away while the three bands would go on to tour the world(Both musically and not), playing sold-out shows and high profile festivals(SXSW, Shakori Hills). The original members continued to stay close though, sending tracks and stems electronically across the seas, fitting in studio time with different combinations of the musical cast when they were back in the hub of Durham, and even sharing an occasional show on stage together (Motorco, Pinhook).

The Release

The saga now leads us with the sharing of 21 carefully curated tracks over the last 21 years. With the help and musical collaboration of some of our closest friends, we’ve made along the way. A Durham family-style album for your ears to munch on. This is the end of the journey, yet, it feels like it’s just the beginning.

The Short

Imagine Cobain, Bowie, J-Dilla, and Lennon moving to a hut together in the far east of Heaven to make an electro/dance record… and Tupac and Biggie stop by from time to time.

A.L.I.P.A. (Always Lost in Personal Affection) is the first track released by C4 and the one I listened to at C4 musician, Jonathan Le Seur’s AirBnB. Sonically smitten at first listen; I could instantly imagine this track booming out-the-house speakers at a club or in the spin for a D.J. big arena show. The perfect-house mix and or soundtrack for sport, home party mix get-up dance track. A.L.I.P.A. (Always Lost in Personal Affection) is the ideal post-shut-down flow track to move your weary bones.

“No matter where you stay best believe imma head that way it’s A L I P A gonna stay with you everyday”


Positive Grid