It was a cloudy Sunday morning in July when I drove to my client’s house in Durham. I had been missing my Asheville friends. That cute little mountain town had been the first stop in my relocation to North Carolina. I was easing my way back to the East Coast after ten years of living in Southern California and Asheville was my baby step towards living in the south. As a Tarot card reader and Massage therapist it was easier to find my tribes in quirky, laid back towns like these. Raleigh became a destination because I wanted to be closer to my family; namely my niece and nephew.

As I drove from Brier Creek to Durham I thought of my previous home in the mountains and was waxing nostalgic on my cute little apartment in West Asheville. I had moved away from the land of historic homes and “arts and craft” bungalows and into the land of sprawling apartment complexes. Instead of being asked what yoga studio I belonged, I was now being asked what church I attended. Both are beautiful spiritual communities, the packaging is just different. I missed the eclectic packaging of my past homes and was questioning my choice of moving to Raleigh.

I got off of the highway and asked the universe for a sign regarding this choice as I continued following the advice of my trusty sidekick: Garman. As I made my way through the neighborhood that my client lived in I immediately noticed the bungalows, trees and fences. I felt like I was in my neighborhood of West Asheville again. I took a deep breath and smiled as the sun cam out and my prayer was answered. It was the first time since moving to Raleigh that I had a feeling of “home.” Thank you Durham for restoring my faith in the fact that those quirky pockets still exist here in the Raleigh area!