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Deepen your computer science knowledge and accelerate your career with a top-ranked degree program for computing professionals.

Join the ranks of leaders in computer science who have degrees from Illinois Computer Science, including founders and leaders of Malwarebytes,, Microsoft, Netscape, Optimizely, PayPal, Siebel Systems, YouTube, and Yelp. The Master of Computer Science, a graduate degree designed for professionals, consists of eight advanced courses in computing. Choose four core areas from which you’ll build expertise such as machine learning, data mining, software engineering, scientific computing, parallel programming, computer systems, and more. Students interested in a data science focus should consider the University of Illinois Master of Computer Science in Data Science, available on Coursera since 2016.

The Master of Computer Science is offered by Illinois Computer Science, a US News & World Report top five CS graduate program. Join our alumni network of entrepreneurs, educators, and technical visionaries, who have revolutionized the way people communicate, shop, conduct business, and are entertained. From the ILLIAC to Blue Waters, OpenMP to MPI, Mosaic to YouTube, and the first vectorizing compilers to LLVM, Illinois Computer Science has long been at the forefront of excellence in computing and in education.
Who is this degree for:
Designed for computing professionals, the Master of Computer Science is a graduate degree credential that builds skill and knowledge in advanced topics of computer science. The degree is suitable for students with a baccalaureate degree in a computing-related field as well as students who want to demonstrate computer science expertise in addition to a degree in another field.

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Take one of these courses or Specializations to learn from Illinois MCS degree instructors and complete assignments that give you a head start on degree courses.

Cloud Computing Specialization
Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1
Data Mining Specialization
Data Visualization

The Master of Computer Science assesses $19,200 in tuition for the 32 credit-hour degrees. Tuition is charged as $600 per credit hour for all eight 4-credit hour courses, and is billed as each course is taken. Students can complete the degree in as little as one year taking three or four courses per term, while others will finish in two to three years by taking one course per term. Students that need to skip a term due to work, family, or other life interruptions do not pay tuition for that semester.
In addition to tuition, students are responsible for additional fees such as concurrent Coursera MOOC registration, online exam proctoring, and cloud programming platform fees. These costs are typically less than an additional $2,000 for the entire degree. Though Illinois Computer Science does not have any assistantships or scholarships available for this program, domestic students may qualify for Federal Student Aid. Like all Illinois degrees, the Master of Computer Science is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Master of Computer Science