Echo for your Car





Add Alexa to your car – Connects to the Alexa app on your phone and plays through your car’s speakers via auxiliary input or your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection. Includes Vent Mount.


Designed for the road – With 8 microphones and far-field technology, Echo Auto can hear you over music, A/C, and road noise. Echo Auto is also designed for your privacy. You can press the microphone off button to electronically disconnect the microphones.


Go beyond radio – Voice control Echo Auto through the Alexa app to play Audible audiobooks, listen to podcasts, or stream Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, or radio stations from around the world with TuneIn and iHeartRadio.


Just ask – Use your voice to play music, check the news, find the nearest gas station, and more.
Do more with your voice – Make calls, set reminders, add items to your shopping and to-do lists, or manage your calendar.
Alexa has skills – With tens of thousands of skills and counting, Alexa is always getting smarter.
Set location-based routines – Alexa can automatically start a series of actions when you leave the office or get home.
Ask for directions – Alexa can start navigation on your phone with supported apps like Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps.
We want you to know
Echo Auto connects to Alexa through the Alexa app on your phone and uses your existing smartphone data plan. Carrier charges may apply. Check if your vehicle’s air vents are compatible with the included mount. 

Will this connect to my car?

Echo Auto connects to most cars that support Bluetooth to play music or that have an auxiliary input. Check if your vehicle is compatible with Echo Auto via Bluetooth. 

 I was given a beta test tryout of Alexa Auto last year and have since utilized it on several long car trips.  My 2013 Honda is not set up to connect directly via Bluetooth to the Echo Auto, rather we connect the echo with a cable through the auxiliary portal.  My smartphone is the Bluetooth connection conduit for Alexa and my Bluetooth port.  This is manageable for now however does add to your data usage on long car trips.   One important caveat:  Reserve time in the set up process-while phone is connected via your home wireless network.   This initial set up at home will save you countless hours/headaches when trying to establish initial set up remotely.   The initial set up process is quick and easy with follow along instructions via your automobile Bluetooth system.  My recommendation applies to the very first time you set up Alexa auto in your car.