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Susan Norton, MS HLB certified


Susan norton

Susan Norton

Due to safe distancing COVID-19, Susan is currently conducting remote healing sessions.  Remote healing sessions with Susan are as powerful and productive as in-person sessions.  I can personally attest to a client who enjoyed both forms of healing sessions.   Susan is professional, courteous, and especially a dynamic healing partner for you!  Please contact Susan for more information at 607-229-5161 or

After your session, asks Susan about a follow-up: Drill Sargeant Shamanista 15-minute session.

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Susan Norton, MS, HLB, is a certified shamanic practitioner in Peruvian shamanism. She trained with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society.

This medical path has changed my life in indescribable ways. When I found this work, my life changed forever – I gave up my teaching career to commit myself fully to this path. Miracles occurred that opened the doors and cleared the way, I had found my calling. Since my professional training that took years, with shamans in Peru, Canada, and the United States, this work has taken off. Through remote sessions, I’m able to meet and work with people all over the world.

During one incredible remote session, something happened that had never happened before that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. (I never do this work alone, but with ascended ones who lovingly work with me in sacred space) My client, a woman who had grown up in a rigid military family environment, had never been able to experience a truly comfortable, loving partner relationship. While working with her, I saw a ‘techie angel’ standing by her side holding some colorful cables. We went inside her head and safely replaced some damaged frayed wires and placed new cables in several areas that never had been connected. Rewiring her for love!

I knew I could trust this ‘techie angel’ as my work is done with clear intention and protection, for the highest good of the client. The woman has since been joyful and her love life is transformed. I’m so humbled by the work and what comes through me.

We also do interactive workshops around the world for this medicine teaching, as well as the signature program SPIRIT: a Plan for Miracles®. If you’re in the Ithaca, NY USA area, we hold monthly community fire ceremonies where we gift the Munay-Ki rites of transmission. All are welcome!



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I love the way Susan has combined different teachings to put together this S.P.I.R.I.T program. To combine them, coupled with her unique style of teaching, experience and loving personality, offers something special. You never know what will happen with each session. I am grateful for this program for shifting my life and have things unfold in such beautiful, sometimes surprising ways. Susan, this is a unique program that you have so thoughtfully put together that can benefit many people!

Karen R., Nova

Scotia, Canada

I recommend Susan Norton’s SPIRIT: a Plan for Miracles. It truly is a guided journey of personal transformation. Susan explained that each letter of SPIRIT is a component of the 6-month program. It was the explanation of R – Reveal your True Self – that caught my ear and had me signing up with my first payment on that very same day. Susan described it this way: We go along in the path of our lives and sometimes we notice that where we want to be is off to the side but there’s no way to get over there. Susan’s SPIRIT program moves one into that possibility. Pretty good life but “over there” was another offering but I couldn’t traverse the seemingly ever-widening gap. Through the six month of SPIRIT work, I closed the gap and my life is enriched.

Priscilla Walker

Ithaca, NY

We can hardly believe all that happened yesterday in our home blessing – what a beautiful experience you created for us and our house. We could still smell the rose scent this morning, and we love the presence of the crystals. You are such a lovely presence – beautiful energy – we both mentioned how you were BEAMING when you came in the house. Thank you thank you thank you – knowing you is truly a blessing.

Melinda Matzell Grannan,

Yoga Mudra Teacher & Therapist, , Ithaca, NY

Our company Surface Magazine requested Susan’s work for our corporate retreat & we were absolutely delighted by the shamanic experience she provided us with. Her credentials were the selling point & Susan did a great job at living up to them. We would without a doubt work with her again in the future.

Piotr Wilbik,

Surface Magazine, New York City, NY

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Thanks for leading the fire ceremony last night. It was a powerful, enlightening experience. The whole ceremony, and seeing your involvement and joy was a pleasure. The stick part was especially powerful. I blew fear, selfishness, and self-centeredness into the one end over and over. Then I blew love into the other end just before placing it in the fire. I could see and feel my heart opening up more. Maybe I can be a little more giving than in the past. Still, more work to do so I’ll see you next month.


Ithaca, NY

Integrative Medicine Center, 301 West State Street, Suite 203, Ithaca, NY


My sessions with Susan are always wonderful, and my last one was no exception. When looking for a Shaman, you should engage the services of someone that is trustworthy and has your best interests at heart. My most recent session with Susan again showed not only her powerful skills, but also her deep devotion to her clients. During my session it was asked of her that she take a particular journey to an unfamiliar location. She needed to make a decision and forged ahead on my behalf. The result was her delivery of the loveliest gifts and information from Spirit. It was truly a humbling and beautiful experience for me and I’m grateful to have found someone of Susan’s abilities and integrity. I gladly recommend Shamanic Services by Susan.
Margaret Snow, , Integrative Medicine Center,

Workplace and Spiritual Life Coach, Integrative Medicine Center

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Susan Norton has impeccable credentials, both as an academic and as a practicing shaman. Susan was extremely prepared and researched the needs of our department. I would without hesitation recommend Susan for any organization, she was a joy to work with.

Jeffrey Falardeau

Colgate University

I am greatly impressed with Susan’s work on all levels, from her clear introduction on how she works with clients, to her professional and caring attitude and guidance. As her client, I felt absolutely safe in the healing space she created. The session I had with her was extraordinary. My intention was to engage more deeply with my totem animal, and with Susan’s help, it came to me in its huge, beautiful presence and led me to more deeply understand my own work and purpose in life. A marvelous, unexpected side benefit occurred during my session, when Susan was guided to release energy from parts of my body that was causing me intense chronic pain. I highly recommend Susan’s services for anyone who seeks healing and a deeper connection with their life’s purpose. She’s the real deal!