A compelling,  critical journalistic arm is critical to our fragile democracy.

Remember John Stewart’s Daily Show who accidentally, intentionally used humor to arrive at journalistic “truth”. John Oliver has almost filled Stewart’s shoes. Today we have reporters like Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now who are holding the I.F. Stone guard.

Remember “All governments lie”

It is the journalist’s duty to cover the story accurately and report the facts fairly.

I. F. Stone (Isidor Feinstein Stone, 24 December 1907 – 18 June 1989) was an American investigative journalist and writer known as a man of great integrity (personal and political) who was an inspiration to other writers, and an intellectual annoyance to the American right wing.

He is best remembered for the newsletter, I. F. Stone’s Weekly (1953–71), which was ranked in 16th place among “The Top 100 Works of Journalism in the United States in the 20th Century”, and was ranked in second place among print-journalism publications.

It is no surprise that 6o’s era muckraking journalism is no longer thriving in a post citizens united states of america.


Here is an interesting commentary on the state of our current mainstream media problem.