This video rolled up, ala algorithm, on the heels of James Vickery, Until Morning Colors performance. This is what lovers do, sometimes an Algorithm is your natural ally, anticipating, serving your aural needs. This week we are back, like so many others in the funk of it. Could it be an overwhelm of negative nightly news reports and too much attention paid, in all the wrong places, to our media manipulator in chief? These guys are something to watch. The locked hominid-Fkj (see multi-instrumentalist) is superhuman. Tom Misch, lead singer/ guitarist is no slouch. Fkj-is definately one to follow- sessions with Masego on the next track Tadow-to memorable effect.  The cameraman is a musician is his own right-masterful. 

FKJ x Tom Misch – Losing My Way

Filmed by François Dubois…

Recorded at Red Bull Studios Berlin by Christian Prommer / Mathias Schooner / David Hofmann



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