Flamenco Men

When I was very young and even more impressionable than I am today at age 53, I watched a Spanish dance company from Madrid perform a Traditional Flamenco dance at my Elementary School. Right away I was hooked by the palpable sensuality/romance and sharp staccato movements of hand and stomping foot. This is a rich, historical dance that breathes Espana culture in each arch of posture and step. Perhaps you share my love of Flamenco? It would be difficult to find another dance form as muy macho yet tender (see tragic) as Flamenco? OTEYZA | SS19 | Madrid Fashion Week | Menswear Desfile OTEYZA ‘Raíces SS19’ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2019 Choreography and Special Collaboration: Antonio Najarro Dancers donated by the Spanish National Ballet : -Sergio Bernal and Eduardo Martínez (First BNE Dancers). -José Manuel Benítez, Carlos Romero and Carlos Sánchez (Solo Dancers BNE) -Antonio Correderas, Juan Pedro Delgado, Albert Hernández, Álvaro Marbán, Alfredo Mérida (Dancers) Music from Orbital and the title is The Box part. 2 (now you may purchase this selection on Durham Cool, below)
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The music in this video is from Orbital and the title is The Box part. 2. If you enjoyed this performance to this amazing track from Orbital buy it today from Amazon Digital and play it at your next dance party or back porch party. Make you next party one to be remembered!