How do we forgive?  Forgiveness is not a natural part of our culture in the west, yet we do have spiritual context for this critical life exercise. Easier said than done in our puritanical “blame” culture.

  • Start by forgiving your self for making a mistake.
  • Start by loving yourself. (Easier said than done)
  • Start by loving yourself.  (Seek community/Sangha, Satsang, spiritual group).
  • Practice loving kindness to those you believe you have wronged or those who you wronged, intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Express your apology or forgiveness in person to the person you wronged or hurt. (Ask for forgiveness).
  • Release judgment to a higher authority
  • Release judgment to a higher authority or the universe.
  • Practice Loving-kindness (Mehta) meditation, weekly****

****We are working on a weekly Loving Kindness Mehta meditation group in the city of Durham, most likely on Sunday evenings to commence the week on a positive momentum.  Look for a notice on this website and our sister website, i ching guidance.