piercefreelon I am proud to announce that I am running for the North Carolina State Senate. My wife and I are life-long residents of Senate District 20, and the parents of two beautiful children who were also born and raised here. It would be a privilege to serve this community, which has given our family so much! I have spent the last several months of my life caring for my father Phil Freelon, who passed away from ALS on July 9th. Dad had so much gratitude for living in Durham, where he received the best care in the world, but was also deeply saddened because tens of thousands of North Carolinians have been blocked from access to quality healthcare. North Carolina has just ranked the 2nd worst state in America for health care. I find this infuriating and unacceptable. I’m running for State Senate because the City of Medicine should be a leader in the fight for Medicaid expansion. I’m running because we need Millenials to show up big in 2020 if we’re going to shift the political landscape of this country. I’m running to fight to gerrymander and to end voter suppression. I’m running to decriminalize marijuana in North Carolina. I’m running because we need a champion of progressive values in Raleigh. I’m running because I promised my father I’d fight to ensure all North Carolinians have access to healthcare.
Today the great Phil Freelon passed away. A brilliant & accomplished man who leads with love. . Durham, & the world as a whole, is a better place because of him. Please hold the Freelon family in your hearts. . In lieu of flowers, it is his wish that sustaining donations be made to he & Nnenna Freelon’s legacy @northstardurham. . “Love is the only thing that when you give it away you have more of it.” Phil Freelon ♥️.  

Pierce in Chengdu, China

piercefreelon Chengdu is a beautiful 5,000 year old city. Feeling blessed to share a slice of Durham with the people of China. Thanks for inviting me to speak @sound_diplomacy looking forward to more collaborations!  

Headed to China next week to talk @sound_diplomacy in Chengdu. Durham has a vibrant cultural scene, and folks around the globe are interested in how we hold space for young voices to resonate throughout our community. Honored to represent the Bull City on this international stage! 📸 @8bit.photog at @northstardurham 


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This is great news for our city. I vividly recall watching Pierce perform with his UNC beats group on the DPAC lawn stage, 4 years back (a fundraiser for Art of Cool project). We all know that Pierce, a former Political Science professor, comes from a family of renown in Durham yet he is his own young man. Perhaps Pierce is precisley what Durham needs most right now: a new perspective, grounded in family values, with significant ties to the downtown Durham community.