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Getting More Involved in the Senior Caregiving Community


First of all, it’s important to acknowledge all the good work that has been done to help improve the lives of aging adults in our communities. With that said, the only way to continue that good work in today’s world and beyond is to keep up with the times. Learning about common challenges seniors currently face and helping them address challenges. 


With all this in mind, Durham Cool presents the following resources to serve as a good starting point for determining how you can get involved in the senior caregiving community.


Companionship Is a Must-Have


artyom-kabajev-senior friends dancing together in joy-unsplash-scaled

artyom-kabajev-senior friends dancing together in joy-unsplash-scaled




Companionship offers critical benefits to seniors.

Even pets can reduce loneliness and improve the quality of life for many older adults.

Seniors can find ways to make new friends, too.

And, of course, connecting with old friends is a boon to quality of life.


In-Home Safety Concerns


Every senior should have a safe home environment.

Certain modifications offer wonderful support for aging in place.

Flooring selection can make a big difference in avoiding falls, especially as balance and eyesight wane.

Remodelling the kitchen to accommodate specific senior needs.

Smart home technology is a boon to aging in place.

A high-powered and dependable smartphone can help seniors control smart home devices.


Support the Body and Mind


Seniors must meet their changing nutritional needs.

Explore sample menu suggestions for a healthy senior diet.

Look to make-ahead meals to ease the cooking burden.

Seniors can mix up medications or forget them, so look for ways to simplify their regimen.

Seniors can get help with transportation to medical appointments.

Those in need of counseling services can receive help paying through insurance. 


Finding ways to help senior members of your community will brighten their days and help them accomplish tasks they may otherwise have difficulty doing independently. All it takes is a little time to make a huge difference in someone’s life.   

Dana Brown, author.

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