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Recently I used a birthday gift card from Amazon to purchase a Nutri Ninja Blender Duo NN100 with Auto-IQ Boost. This purchase decision was based on the qualified recommendation of a close friend who has a 1000 watt Nutri Ninja food processing system/blender. The same friend recently converted to a Vegan diet from a  meat rich diet after researching nutritional facts from trusted MD sources. Each morning my friend starts the day with a smoothie comprised of banana, frozen blueberries and strawberries, 100% pomegranate juice, ginger, garlic, spinach, Kale, a slice of organic gala apple,  Chia and Flax seeds. This smoothie not only tastes amazing but provides a balanced, nutrient and fiber-rich start to each new day. In the interest of full disclosure, based on observations of my friend’s Ninja I was already sold on the value of Ninja blender/food processing systems. Not only are they a great value but they work well for everything from Smoothies and shakes to hummus and moussaka.

Right out of the box the Nutri Ninja Blender made a great first smoothie. No issue with the plugin and start. The great thing about Auto IQ boost and the Smoothie setting is one may trust that each time you press start, you will receive a great smoothie 60 seconds later. This has held true from the first smoothie to today after more than 120 smoothies made.

It is even fun for the kid inside to watch the process go from start to finish. Nothing like watching the socks dry in the drying machine as Auto IQ truly senses the particulate matter you place in the 24 oz fill cup and makes the necessary chops and grinds in specific timed intervals. Very Cool! So far I have whipped up 34 smoothies & made 6 batches of garlic hummus. This blender/food processor is super powerful, intelligent, and smartly compact. This Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ can blend everything from Smoothies, yogurt protein shakes to frozen treat dips, sauces, hummus, chopped salads, pie crust bread.


  • The 1200-watt Nutri Ninja Blender  Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost has the power and versatility to Elevate the Everyday
  • Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction and the Pro Extractor Blades Assembly allow you to easily break down whole foods, seeds, ice, and nuts
  • The Nutri Bowl brings fresh, wholesome ingredients together to make flavorful Nutrient Fusion meals, snacks and desserts
  • Our Pro Extractor Blades Assembly crushes through ice, seeds, skins, and stems for powerful Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction
  • 1200 watts and Auto IQ technology for the toughest ingredient breakdown

Why do you need an expensive Vitamix for a home kitchen when you can own a Nutri Ninja Blender  food processor for as low as $70.00 a net savings of $329.00 and less counter space required!



Now you can own a complete Food processing machine for less than $150