Padmasambhava (Skt.), or Padmakara (Skt. Padmākara; Tib. པདྨཱ་ཀ་ར་, པདྨ་འབྱུང་གནས་, Pemajungné; Wyl. pad+ma ‘byung gnas, in Sanskrit transliteration པདྨ་སམྦྷ་ཝ་) means ‘Lotus-born’, which refers to Guru Rinpoche’s birth from a lotus in the land of Oddiyana. Guru Rinpoche, the ‘Precious Master’, is the founder of Tibetan Buddhism and the Buddha of our time. Whereas Buddha is known primarily for having taught the teachings of the sutra vehicle, Padmasambhava came into this world, and to Tibet in particular, to teach the tantras. While Buddha Shakyamuni exemplifies the Buddha principle, the most important element in the sutrayana path, Padmasambhava personifies the guru principle, the heart of Vajrayana Buddhism, and he is therefore known as the ‘second Buddha’ (Tib. སངས་རྒྱས་གཉིས་པ་, sangyé nyipa).

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Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Padma Siddi Hung…
Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Padma Siddi Hung…
Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Padma Siddi Hung…

Shocking Prophecies made by Padmasambhava more than a thousand years ago



Looks like me Guru Rinpoche




Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche mantra:
Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Peme Siddhi Hung


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Shocking Prophecies made by Padmasambhava more than a thousand years ago– Many people are familiar with the prophecies of Nostradamus made more than seven hundred years ago. Still, few people are aware of the prophecies made by Padmasambhava (also known as Guru Rinpoche), the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, more than one thousand years ago. When his disciple asked when the beginning of the Dharma-ending age was, Guru Rinpoche replied; “When the Iron Birds are flying in the sky, and the Iron Horses are running on the roads, we know that dharma-ending age has arrived. At this time, Tibetan Buddhism shall flourish globally. When the iron bird flies and the horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the world, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red men (Western Countries) Guru Rinpoche further prophesied that in that era (or rather now), carriages do not require horses to move, they self-propel. Youngsters in that era stepped on something shaped like a bullhorn, with wheels underneath that allowed them to skate everywhere. It is even stranger that people in that era do not need to leave their houses to know things that happen worldwide, just by sitting in front of a mirror (smartphone – television?) Photography and edited by Ken Thornton~ ThunderBeing Films There are three basic reasons for building stupas. Burial stupas hold relics from the funeral pyre. Commemorative stupas mark the place of an event or occasion in the Buddha’s life. And votive stupas are erected to make a dedication of goodwill or to accumulate merit. The latter type is a perfect outlet for lay people to connect with the Buddhadharma; in the past, it was primarily the laity who was involved in constructing stupas. A fundamental significance of stupas in the West lies in contrast between modern and ancient worldviews, specifically in how matter is viewed. Ancient people, living close to nature, viewed matter as living and productive, as an accumulator of spirit. Modern people, cut off from nature, often view the matter as dead, something mechanical to be used or manipulated. The stupa is monumental architecture, emphasizing our connection to the spiritual by both its mass and symbolic shapes. –Link to Detailed info on each Stupa and locations along the Rio Grande…



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Searching for the Lotus-Born Master”

In “Searching for the Lotus-Born Master,” documentary film director Laurence Brahm beckons to ask: was the founder of Tibetan Buddhism also the father of quantum physics?

In 2018, a documentary expedition team followed the historic journey of the “Lotus-Born Master” (also known as Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche), who lived in the Himalayas during the Eighth Century. Shrouded in myth and mystery, the Lotus-Born Master, is recognized as the founder of Vajrayana or Tibetan Buddhism. In the documentary film, “Searching for Lotus-Born Master,” the expedition team sought to prove the legend to be true. The Lotus-Born Master had eight manifestations depicted in Thangkas, murals and statues across the Himalayas. The expedition team sought to decode the quantum energy field behind each manifestation.

The expedition followed the Lotus-Born Master’s historic journey covering over 20,000 kilometers under extreme conditions, scaling the snow mountains he crossed, finding the sacred lakes where he performed magic, exploring the caves where he engaged in tantric meditation.

Throughout the journey they conducted interviews seeking the wisdom of great lamas, the knowledge of dedicated scholars, and the science of technology innovators, in verifying the connection between Vajrayana Buddhism and quantum physics.

“Searching for the Lotus-Born Master” is directed by National Geographic explorer Laurence Brahm, who spent over a decade and half directing the award-winning “Searching for Shangri-la” expedition series. “Searching for the Lotus-Born Master,” is co-produced by William Lo and Laurence Brahm, with support from David Lee and Sherry Pan and the entire team at Shambhala Studio.

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Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) Full Length Documentary


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Documentary about the Second Buddha, traveling, & mystical abilities like rainbow body (where your physical body dissolves into the light!) & oracles (channeling spirits). I traveled to Tibet, Nepal, & Bhutan, as well as Thailand & Japan, to look for answers. By Hideto Edward Uno (Edward Yin). BTW, I JUST STARTED TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS PEOPLE MAY HAVE ABOUT THEIR LIFE OR WHATEVER, FOR FREE, WITH MY INTUITION (NOT A ‘SPIRIT’). EMAIL QUESTIONS TO: