Who is Dirtwire? I first heard about this incredible assemblage of World musicians dressed hat to toe in CA. Caballero’s black cowboy coolness when they backed Trevor Hall on the track Strength in One. 

So many YouTube Dirtwire concerts and YouTube fans muse why their popularity has not soared yet. My theory is that Dirtwire is such an incredible live performance not easily replicated in the studio. The visual appeal of this band is both a blessing and a curse to their success. Those like me recently converted to the virtues of this awesome live band, be sure to like their videos on YouTube and purchase Apple Music; I tune songs available on Durham Cool. Let’s see if we can get the videos featured in this article to 1MM views by end of September.


Here is the bio page for those interested to know more about Dirtwire.

A perfect showcase and audience for Dirtwire introduction on Durham Cool is this YouTube-uploaded Asheville concert.

Dirtwire & Black Lodge Singers – Intertribal (Official Music Video)


CR’s Take




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nik-shuliahin-Monument valley’s scenery-unsplash (1)
The hot sun setting, the ground beneath you is beginning to cool and a hot breeze carries the soft rhythmic drum beats through the surrounding conversation. The dance is about to begin. The voices drift away as the beat grows stronger, deeper, heavier, filling your chest and sending chills across your skin. The tribal tradition is a mesmerizing show of color, fringed shawls, jingle dresses, tassels and feathers whirling around in steps that echos of the past. Each step bringing a people one step closer to mending a broken circle.

Dirtwire -1st set at Pyro 2022







INgrooves (on behalf of Dirtwire); BMI – Broadcast Music Inc.

Dirtwire – Polaris


Polaris has a positive vibration that conjures crystalline snow-covered forest floor under a starry sky. A mouth bow from Siberia drives the rhythm with the West African harp, the kamale ngoni, as the overtone flute and violin sing the melodies. DIRTWIRE https://dirtwire.net https://www.facebook.com/dirtwiremusic https://twitter.com/dirtwire https://www.instagram.com/dirtwire/ https://www.youtube.com/Dirtwire https://spoti.fi/2xn9IY4

Navajo Nation, AZ, USA Published on October 10, 2021 Free to use under the Unsplash License
Raven of the Southwest







INgrooves (on behalf of Dirtwire); CMRRA, BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., ASCAP, Concord Music Publishing, and 2 Music Rights Societies

Trevor Hall feat. Dirtwire – Strength In One (Official Live Music Video)


Lyrics: People don’t you lose your warrior spirit People call upon it if you need it People don’t forget to stand in power People this may be the final hour So what we gonna do All upon the sky I can only see rain If we’re gonna survive Better find a new way Evil gonna break down We about to build up Calling on a new sound Strength in One People don’t forget your own true nature People look inside and meet your maker So what we gonna do https://www.trevorhallmusic.com/ https://www.facebook.com/trevorhall https://www.instagram.com/trevorhallm… https://twitter.com/trevorhallmusic