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Is It Too Late?

Is It Too Late? · World Party Goodbye Jumbo ℗ 1990 Seaview Released on: 1990-04-24 Composer, Writer: Karl Wallinger

Goodbye Jumbo CD interior view of plastic case

World Party’s release, Goodbye Jumbo was an integral sonic element within our early 90s music development.  Alive and aware within the early 90s you too would have listened to Goodbye Jumbo. Listening to Goodbye Jumbo right now is the “Right” time for you. Goodbye Jumbo is important, Karl Wallinger’s voice/vocals are strong, the Respectville homage to the Beatles is an important Welsh uplift to the world, and the guitar solos were OG. You will find within this article the complete GoodbyeJumbo release tracks.  Listen all the way from track 1 through track 12.  The Goodbye Jumbo album is a long car trip stream play.  Give in and push play.  What more may be written about this release before a full listen to World Party Goodbye Jumbo?   Now.   Don’t wait.  It is worth your full attention.


All songs written and composed by Karl Wallinger.

1) “Is It Too Late?” – 4:24
2) “Way Down Now” – 3:49
3) “When the Rainbow Comes” – 4:58
4) “Put the Message in the Box” – 4:16
5) “Ain’t Gonna Come Till I’m Ready” – 5:05
6) “And I Fell Back Alone” – 3:57
7) “Take It Up” – 4:37
8) “God on My Side” – 4:14
9) “Show Me to the Top” – 5:15 (contains untitled hidden track beginning at 4:42)
10) “Love Street” – 4:21
11) “Sweet Soul Dream” – 4:39
12) “Thank You World” – 3:47



Karl Wallinger – vocals, all instruments (except as indicated), composition, design, engineering, production
Guy Chambers – drum samples (1), synthesizer (3,4,9,10), sampler (4), backward piano (5), acoustic piano (10), harmonium (11),
Chris Sharrock – drum kit (2, 3, 4)
Jeff Trott – slide guitar (1,3), electric guitar (2), 12-string acoustic guitar (3)
Jerod Minnies – acoustic guitar (1)
Martyn Swain – bass guitar (10)
Chris Whitten – drum kit (1,5)
Steve Wickham – violin (7)
Roy Morgan – tambourine (2)
Dave Catlin-Birch – guitar (6,7)
Sophia Ramos – backing vocals (3)
Sinéad O’Connor – backing vocals (11)

Additional personnel

Joe Blaney – engineering
Karl Wallinger and Stephanie Nash – artwork
Steven Fargnoli – management
Karl Wallinger and Michael Nash – design
Steve Wallace – photography
Tim Young – digital editing, mastering

World Party Goodbye Jumbo

We all go to concerts and ignore the support band. I went to see Big Audio Dynamite at the Barrowlands, stood with my pint and recognized the man singing, Karl Wallinger from The Waterboys with his new band World Party. More importantly, they could play and instead of disappearing to the bar, I watched their set. This was a band to investigate.

He seemed comfortable in his position as the bandleader after being a sideman to Mike Scott and years later he wrote She’s The One which I hope made him millions when Robbie Williams took it to number one.

If you want to understand Wallinger then I don’t think he ever bettered World Party’s second album.

Twelve tracks and not a duff one on it. Is It Too Late? opens the album with passionate vocals from Karl but Way Down Now takes us up a notch with a great guitar riff and piano. Next up is the single Put the Message In the Box and you will be listening to one of the catchiest choruses ever, even my twenty-two-year-old daughter did not turn it off in the car, that’s high praise and a miracle.

In the modern era, people skip tracks, I would advise listening to this whole album, the guitars are raw, the songs are funky (I hate that word but it just suits, sorry) and Wallinger can sing.

Sinead O’Connor lends her stunning voice to the penultimate track Sweet Soul Dream and the album closes with the upbeat Thank You World.

He was no longer a sideman, enjoying the full experience.



    • Released in 1990, World Party’s Goodbye Jumbo was out of print for several years until just this month, when a remastered version was released in the United States. It’s coincidental perhaps. I loved this CD when it came out but haven’t listened to it for years, so I guess I’m not the only one who thought it was due for a revival.

      I’m reviewing the original 1990 version, so I can’t comment on any sonic improvements. The songs themselves are brilliant. There are hints of the Beatles and Big Star, but Karl Wallinger (who is World Party) does not sound derivative. His songs take unexpected melodic turns, such as the impromptu recital of “Mr. Postman” in the track “When the Rainbow Comes,” and his lyrics are at once hopeful and despairing of the world in which he lives.

      And eerily the lyrics read as though they could have been written yesterday, when paterfamilias Bush was in the White House. In “God on My Side,” Wallinger sings:

      Well, I see you objecting so strongly
      To the ways of the liberal disease
      And your armchair satisfaction
      As you narrow the meaning of free

      This album may be called Goodbye Jumbo, but I say, Welcome back World Party. Maybe it’s time, Karl, you put out a new album.

      Favorite Songs: Way Down Now,” “When the Rainbow Comes,” and pretty much all the rest of them.

    Robyn Weisman

    Chicago Tribune critic Greg Kot considered the album to be heavily influenced by the Beatles’ “sense of pop and studio craft”, further commenting that the “biting” humor and irony in its lyrics are effectively balanced by upbeat “melodies and moments”.  Chris Willman of the Los Angeles Times stated that Wallinger’s “Lennonisms sound somehow endemic, not affected”, and that the album never lapses into “petty theft” despite its numerous influences. In Rolling Stone, Don McLeese wrote that “Goodbye Jumbo displays an ambition as broad as the emotional range of its music”, and that while “Wallinger’s missionary zeal occasionally belabors his messages”, the music “is sufficiently vital to overpower resistance”

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