Leaf Chute Leaf Bag Holder

Our leaf chute leaf bag holder for bagging leaves is the ultimate leaf bag funnel. This leaf bag chute will insert into the large brown leaf bags for recycling.

Leaf Chute LeafEasy
Sometimes a device comes along to solve an everyday nuisance that one is left with no choice but to crow about it! Our next-door neighbor introduced us to the LeafEasy leaf chute after observing our struggle to keep the leaf bag open in windy conditions. You know the neighbor who has a much better handyman shop than you will ever possess?

This device does much more than hold your leaf bag open, it provides a shoot for the classic overrake bundle. The Durham Cool outdoor team has fully tested this device and finds it too perfect for words.

The Leaf’n’Lawn Chute or our Leaf Chute is a tri-fold sheet of high-density plastic that easily forms into a 3 sided box shape that helps keep the paper bag upright and reinforces the sides of the bag to prevent ripping, or seam bursting. The top of the leaf chute device folds back on itself to form a funnel-shaped chute, which makes filling the leaf bags much easier and more efficient.

Because the Leaf’n’Lawn Chute is made from a single sheet of plastic there are no moving parts, or assembly required. The user simply unfolds the sheet, to form the “3 sided box shape” then presses in on the top portion (as marked), to form the leaf chute. The user then slides the assembled leaf chute into the bag and is ready to begin filling the leaf bag.

Leaf Chute in action homeowner with rake and chute