Oral B Genius X Luxe electric toothbrush

Many years back, my very smart, professional, kind hygenist recommended I purchase an electric toothbrush to save my gums. My problem, like many, was aggressive brushing (see, not correct) with a non-electric toothbrush. 7 years later, twice a day routine brushing with my Oral B Genius X Luxe electric toothbrush, my gums are not receding, my teeth are cavity-free, and my breath is fresh and clean. I initially tried a Phillips Sonicare Electric brush but did not find it cleaned as well as the Oral B.
Important to practice care when using any Electric toothbrush by isolating a tooth at a time to focus on (i.e., hold brush head static over two front teeth for 30 seconds before moving to the next tooth(s) to repeat the static hold). Avoid moving the brush head over multiple teeth in a quick fashion, as this will not effectively clean teeth, clear tartar, or avoid cavity development. Remember to brush your tongue each morning with the same aforementioned teeth-cleaning methodology. By scraping or brushing your tongue, you will remove the layers of bacteria that cause stinky breath. Taste – As the bacteria covers your taste buds, you may find that the flavors of your food are muted. Cleaning your tongue can expose more of your taste buds and allow you to enjoy richer flavors in your food.
Without hesitation, I recommend the purchase of the Oral B Genius X Luxe electric toothbrush for daily brushing, avoiding tooth decay and nasty halitosis, and better overall taste and good health.




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