This is such a great track-Legend-sings it from the heart


I know Better


John Legend Boston at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion and opens up the show with “I Know Better,” a track from his latest album, Darkness and Light.   You may not be familiar with this song as it was not a major radio track from the Darkness and Light Album.    It is my favorite track as it has blues, R&B, and Gospel elements and it is the most honest and autobiographical of all songs penned and performed by Mr. John Legend.  One finds oneself proclaiming “Amen”!

The studio version was featured on Durham Cool as it was the track that inspired this author to stand up against the injustice of the 2016 National election outcome.  Divisions, based on race, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic grounds are illusionary and we know it in the marrow of our bones.    We are not these bodies that give us the false illusion of difference.  We are in these bodies for this lifetime yet we are much bigger than these mortal bodies when we come together in peace.


I Know Better

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