Trump Voter: afraid of Dictator in the White House

Durham Cool has kept to a policy of no divisive content or speech on this website that only serves to divide us. This is an important mid-term election for a myriad of reasons and a multitude of critical issues before us. This video captures some of the frustration Independent Trump voters feel about the current state of our executive and legislative branches. Some voted for this President to shake things up in Washington DC. Many believe he has delivered on this promise. A close review of what this administration has done to our country and the Republican Party may provide a different point of view. Now is a good time to listen to a well reasoned perspective when some leaders attempt to sway us with turbulent and divisive language. Durham Cool thought it wise to listen to a Trump voters on where they see the country today and what they plan to do in the mid terms. Independent voter Anthony Miles expresses regret for voting for President Donald Trump in 2016, saying Trump doesn’t have “empathy for anything.” Source: CNN