Many of you know about the affection we have for Van Morrison at Durham Cool. Who in their “right” mind would not adore the pure musical genius that is Van Morrison? This is the title track, played for me today, on my drive back from a meeting in Chapel Hill, NC via Chris Isaak radio, Pandora. Now I share this with you. Most likely, you have heard this track before? Now listen with 2017 ears.
Into the Mystic is just what the doctor ordered for this age of uncertainty and fear (See DT).

Remember Chris Isaak? So many women adored his plaintive Elvis tone and Adonis good looks, but was he not artistically speaking, a man apart from his peers? More than a flash in the pan stylist of the early 90’s harkening back to a more innocent period of US history. Chris was and is a great vocalist who can bring you immediately into the narrative.
Enjoy the title track from Into the Mystic and Chris Isaak.