We all miss Michael Hutchence.  Those young at heart but old enough to remember the charisma of Michael with his Jim Morrison lead singer Adonis good looks, vocal chops, and feral dance moves know why we miss him so much.  He died tragically and far too young.  “Michael Hutchence’s baritone voice was often described as ‘sexy. ‘ He was a frontman of Australia’s biggest rock acts, and his swooning singing style is one for the books. Some say he had better range than The Doors’ Jim Morrison, and you can trace a tinge of Morrison in some of his songs.”

F2 – F5 (3 octaves)

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Let It Ride (F2-G4)
Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Need You Tonight (G2-F5)




I used to really enjoy listening and, indeed, recording the BBC Radio 1 In Concert series on a Saturday evening during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. I also caught a few BBC Radio Friday Rock Show and Capital Radio sessions. I still have the cassette tapes and as the BBC has no immediate plan to make these available to the public, I have decided to release close to 250 of these historical recordings on my YouTube channel.

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