iRobt Braava 300 Series


Helping You Win The Battle Against Daily Floor Dirt, Dust, And Debris
Dry and damp mopping features for maximum flexibility
Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad dispenses liquid to keep cleaning cloth wet longer
Compatible with “stock” cleaning pads like Swiffer and Target brands
Works on all floor types: wood, tile, linoleum, vinyl, stone, and laminates
Multiple pass technology ensures the most effective clean possible
NorthStar Navigation Cube maps and remembers locations, obstacles, drop-offs, and starting position




The iRobot Braava 380T Floor Mopping Robot is perfect if you live in a larger sized home with areas of wood, tile, linoleum, laminate, or stone flooring, and is a much better investment than sweeping and mopping floors manually. If you live in a smaller home with less hard floor surfaces, consider using the Braava 320 Floor Mopping Robot. The Braava 380T is a sophisticated and specially designed floor mopping robot that efficiently dry-mops or wet-mops hard floor surfaces for you. Braava 380T will also pick up dirt and dust as it systematically covers and cleans every section of your floor in a single pass with a standard disposable, or iRobot microfiber, cleaning cloth.

Braava 380T knows exactly where to go and where it needs to be with the assistance of the NorthStar Navigation Cube. The navigation cube projects a signal on the ceiling to help Braava remember current and previous positions while mapping walls, obstacles, and sudden drop-offs as it encounters them. Braava 380T is also small enough to fit below sofas and benches and is able to clean dust and dirt along walls, baseboards, and perimeters that standard canister style vacuums cannot easily reach. Once Braava has finished mopping, it will return to its original starting location and power down automatically so you don’t have to search your home for it.

The dual dry-mopping and wet-mopping features allow for maximum flexibility depending on your cleaning needs. The dry-mop feature allows Braava to clean up to 1,000 square feet of flooring, or 2,000 square feet if it is paired with a second NorthStar Navigation Cube which must be purchased separately. Braava 380T’s wet-mopping feature on the other hand automatically adjusts itself to clean smaller areas up to 350 square feet for deeper cleaning of dirt and grime stuck to the floor.

Braava 380T is a great option if you want to keep your hard-floor surfaces presentable and clean from dirt, dust, and debris with little to no effort on your part.



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