Is College worth it? The 2021 REALITY of Post Secondary Education

Is college tuition, years of studies still worth it in 2021? Does College lead to success? The video is a deep dive into the impact that College has on students. Important information that schools or parents don’t talk about when their students or kids decide to go to college College is a big decision that can impact your entire life. Research is essential to make sure that individuals are getting their return on their investment. Network with individuals to see inside your field and the industry to see if your decided major is correct for you and your future. A gap year allows you to see the world, whether traveling or doing an internship which will better your understanding of the natural world before making your decision. Many high school students decide to go to College because of parental and social pressure, which are wrong reasons. The right reasons are to learn skills that will allow you to run your own business or learn skills in demand to get a job. Everyone’s path is different, and you’re deciding whether going to College does not impact how rich or successful you will be; it’s just a ladder to get you there.

Here is a list of super successful individuals who succeeded without a college degree. This video is created not to devalue higher education or to encourage individuals to drop out of college but to emphasize the importance of self-education. Higher education is essential for those who aspire to be lawyers, doctors, scientists, and many fields, but there are many occupations where one can take an alternative route for example starting as an apprentice. It’s important that if you do decide to invest large amounts of money towards higher education that has a clear direction about what you want to. Many people these days studied in occupations that they were not passionate about hence why lots of people these days say college is a waste of money, the university is worthless. let this video inspire to make no more excuses. We living in the information age, where whatever knowledge you need is a click of a finger away. Allow this video to remind you of the importance of self-education back with hard work and tenacity.

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Successful College Dropouts – 50 Self-Made Billionaires Who Succeeded without a University Education


In this video are successful self-made billionaires and millionaire entrepreneurs who succeeded without a college degree: 1. Ted Turner, the Founder of CNN 2. Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber 3. Jan Koum, the co-founder of WhatsApp 4. Daniel Ek, the Co-founder of Spotify 5. Muriel Siebert – The First woman to purchase a seat on the New York Stock Exchange 6. George Eastman, the Founder of Kodak. 7. Lee Byung-Chul, the Founder of Samsung 8. The Wright Brothers, the Inventors of the airplane 9. Hiroshi Yamauchi the Founder of Nintendo 10. Ingvar Kampard the founder of Ikea 11. Walt Disney, the founder of Disney 12. Thomas Edison – Inventor of the light bulb and other great inventions 13. Larry Page, the Co-founder of Google 14. Jack Dorsey, the Co-founder of Twitter 15. Mark Zuckerberg, the co-Founder of Facebook 16. Scott Fitzgerald – The legendary novelist who also wrote the great Gatsby 17. Soichiro Honda, the Founder of Honda motor company 18. Frederick Henry Royce – Founder of Rolls Royce 19. Milton Hershey, the founder of Hershey chocolate S 20. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chik-Fil-A 21. Freddie Achom, the founder of Rosemont Group 22. Amadeo Peter Giannini, the Founder of the Bank of America 23. Anna Wintour – Editor-in-chief of Vogue and artistic director for Condé Nast 24. John Mackey, the Founder of Whole Foods 25. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford motor company 26. Jerry Yang, the Founder of Yahoo 27. Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Computers 28. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft 29. Steves Jobs The co-founder of Apple 30. Maya Angelou – Legendary poet and civil rights activist 31. Anthony Robbins is the world’s most recognized Motivational speaker 32. Frederick Henry Royce, the Founder of Rolls Royce 33. Ralph Lauren – Icon fashion designer 34. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel – The French celebrated fashion designer 35. Dov Charney, the founder of American Apparel 36. Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group 37. S.B Fuller, the founder of Fuller products 38. Jack Cohen – The founder of Tesco 39. Madam C. J. Walker – the First self-made millionaire in America 40. James Cameron –Producer 41. Tyler Perry producer who owns the largest studio production studio in the United States 42. Colonel Harland David Sanders, founder of KFC 43. Haim Saban, the Media mogul, and creator of Power Rangers 44. Zhou Qunfei – Entrepreneur and The richest woman in China 45. Folorunso Alakija is the richest black woman and entrepreneur. 46. DeWitt Wallace, the Founder of Reader’s Digest, Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress 47. Azim Premji, the Indian Billion dollar business tycoon 48. Mark Burnett – TV producer and the creator of the Apprentice……

Key To Success:

1. Stay focused on the goal you want to achieve.

2. Eliminate distractions.

3. Educate yourself on the topic you want to get involved with.

4. Create a massive action plan and follow it through.

5. Work very hard.

6. Never give up.

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College education is failing us all. Can we design something better? | Big Think

Half of all students who begin their higher education journey drop out, 68 percent of Americans never attain a higher education degree, and 73 percent of Americans go into fields unrelated to their higher education degree. Clearly, something is wrong with how we approach higher education. In turn, this approach contributes to societal ills, like unrealized contributions to humanity, unrealized potential, debt, despair, and pessimism. Professor and founder of Greater Commons Todd McLeod has a 12-step plan designed to revolutionize higher education in the U.S. to ensure that the higher education system can keep pace with our rapidly changing world. In 2019, Lumina Foundation and Big Think teamed up to create the Lumina Prize, a search to find the most innovative and scalable ideas in post-secondary education. Congratulations to Greater Commons, founded by Todd McLeod, the audience choice winner of the Lumina Prize! 

TODD MCLEOD: Todd McLeod is the founder of Greater Commons, an online learning platform where individuals can learn and teach new skills. He has also worked as a tenured professor in California, teaching multiple disciplines such as business, information systems, computer science, and online education. 

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