Build Your Skills in JavaScript and jQuery. Start a journey to using JavaScript to become a programmer.

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Why learn Javascript in 2023?

Not only is it beginner-friendly, it will also set you up with some extremely valuable transferable skills. JavaScript supports object-oriented, functional, and imperative styles of programming—skills that can be transferred to any new language you might learn later, such as Python, Java, or C++. Nov 28, 2022

Why is JavaScript the future?
This has been possible with constant developments and innovations in every version. No year has passed without JavaScript being the most used programming language in the past two decades. Anyone can predict the same in the future after reading the above statistics.

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This Specialization is intended for the learner with no previous programming experience or the career changer transitioning to software development. JavaScript is generally the first programming language you will need to learn and this Specialization will help you practice and build your skills through a gentle progression of modules and courses.


Oct 30, 2021

The course is easy to follow. The instructor also shows how the code is written using jQuery and plain vanilla JS. In a nutshell, highly recommended for beginner



Oct 10, 2022

Excellent class; be sure to copy and test the code yourself to appreciate and learn the material fully.


By Irina A

Jan 11, 2022

Thanks to the teacher for the course and specialization in general! I am new to JS. Before the course, I knew a couple of the simplest commands. Now I can write working web applications on my own and can find a solution in the documentation, even if I don’t know how to cope with the task myself! Great course for beginners like me. I realized what has JS inside and how it works. Before this course, I started to take a couple of others, but at some point, I stopped understanding what was happening. Here I understood everything from the first to the last word. The only remark is the sound of the lectures. My English is not very good, and sometimes I translate subtitles, but they are often incorrect, which makes some material difficult to perceive lexically.


By Iván Z

Jul 24, 2022

Just amazing like every course in this specialization, If you accept the challenges and get the most out of each module, I assure you that you will advance considerably as a javascript programmer.

William Mead

William Mead

Lecturer, University of California, Davis

Born and raised in the suburbs west of Boston, Massachusetts, Mead moved to Davis, California, with his wife and son in the summer of 2005. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design, in New York City, in 1989 and his Master of Education from Lesley University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1999. Mead has been passionate about the web and web technologies since the early days of the web in the 1990s and has enjoyed watching the platform grow and evolve over the years. He began teaching design and web development at the college level in 2008 and has taught many courses at American River College; Art Institute of California – Sacramento; Sierra College; Sacramento City College, and UC Davis. Developing a curriculum, delivering lessons to students, and helping them build their skills are very rewarding. Still, the most rewarding aspect of Mead’s work is watching his students graduate and build their careers in web development and design. Mead is also an artist and a member of Axis Gallery, an artist-run gallery in Sacramento, California. He regularly creates and regularly exhibits conceptual work at Axis, addressing topics and technologies of personal interest.


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