Anyone who watched the great show, Newsroom knows the first episode show defining soliloquy made by the principal character, Will McAvoy, written by the incomparable, Andrew Sorkin. Who writes better speeches and character dialogue than Andrew Sorkin? Just think of West Wing. Language that is Elevating, transcendent. incisive, acerbic, precise

What it provides us is what you remember when a teacher in elementary, middle school or highschool recognized a here before hidden talent for comedic timing, prose, mathematical skill, photographic memory or a special insight. It provides us a sense of wonderment, transcendent joy, excitement. Some have laudable gifts with their hands. This one chooses to express his gift in spoken word. A remarkable mind is something to celebrate.

Think of US presidential leaders like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Truman, Kennedy. Great minds, Great leaders who led the Entire Country, not just those who voted or supported them.

What often is confused with elitism is actually something all of us strive for: to be better than assumed, to strive for a level of extraordinary kindness or insight, emotional intelligence, to strike with language rather than the fist. To be appreciated and stand in the light of god for just a moment.

Based on “Why America isn’t the best country in the world”